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Professional Additions & Renovations

For a team that can handle all your home additions and renovations, contact Earth, Stick & Stone. We are experienced contractors in building additions onto your current home or designing and implementing your dream renovations. We know how to handle projects both large and small in Toronto and across Southern Ontario. Let us design and install your kitchen, bathroom and home renovations according to your budget and your specifications.

Earth, Stick & Stone Provides Free Estimates

Our team can work with you to design your dream home, from blueprints to breaking ground. We have the contractors and design professionals who know how to get the job done right and within budget. Speak to our design team today about:

  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Basement Finishing & Renovations
  • Custom Built Home & Designs
  • Basement Design
  • FREE Addition & Renovations ESTIMATES

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Custom home renovations can be tailored in the design phase to match your budget, your space and your vision for your home.

Home Foundations and Waterproofing

Earth, Stick & Stone knows how to build your home’s foundation and protect and waterproof your home foundation. From poured concrete foundations to waterproofing membrane wrap, weeping tile systems and sump pumps, we know how to build foundations to keep water away from your home so you never have a leaky basement. Talk to us today about basement waterproofing in Toronto and the GTA.

Whether you have questions about property grading, downspouts or water leakage, we know how to manage water issues for your home. Don’t let your home’s foundation go unprotected. If you are experiencing a leaky basement, water pooling against your foundation or drainage issues, contact us to find out how we can resolve your basement water issues.

Our Foundation Team includes:

  • Excavators
  • Concrete Specialists
  • Foundation Crack Injections

ALL Build & Restore Work

We know Basement Excavation & Restoration: Since 1989

If you have a crack in your foundation where water is leaking in, we provide complete dry basement services for your peace of mind.

Earth, Stick & Stone can excavate and restore your residential home foundation or your commercial building foundation.

We provide brick and concrete repair services in Toronto and the GTA.

Brick and Concrete Repair Services

For repointing old bricks, stone and brick repair and concrete crack repair, Earth, Stick & Stone has the professional experience to handle all your masonry and structural repair needs. For commercial or residential foundation or wall repairs, we know how to get the job done to protect your building from water leakage, structural integrity issues or to bring back the original visual appeal.

We specialize in Jewel Stone coatings for your concrete. Ask us about the ability of Jewel Stone to provide a beautiful finish that restores your aging concrete. Available in a variety of colors for your walkways, pool areas and general flooring.

Concrete Forms

By using concrete forms, we can form and shape your concrete in any shape you desire. Concrete forms allow contractors to hold the weight and shape of concrete placement. When designing your backyard project and concrete installation, consider the use of concrete forms. For decorative concrete using concrete forms in Toronto for your home, outdoor spaces, patios or walkways, contact Earth, Stick & Stone today.


Our construction team includes demolition experts to take down and remove old concrete, patio stones, walls and structures. If you are looking for help getting your home renovation started, or backyard renovation and demolition project, contact us to discuss our demolition and construction waste removal options to demolish your old materials professionally, safely and according to local code.

ALL Build & Restore Work


For complete roofing services and shingling in Toronto, contact Earth, Stick & Stone. We can install your asphalt shingles and repair your loose shingles as well. If you roof is leaking or your shingles have blown off, we provide fast and reliable roof repair services.

Our roofing contractors are professional and reliable and can protect your roof and your home from rain, snow or ice dam issues.
  • Asphalt Roof Shingles
  • Flat Roof Repair
  • Roof Venting
  • Roof Ventilators
  • Maxi-vents
  • Flashing & Downspouts
  • Water Drainage

Garage & Carport

For garage and carport roofing, we know how to handle both small and large roofing projects. We can install your flashing, your roof vents and your shingles on all areas of your residential property.

We also build and repair garages and carports from the ground up. We have the right people and the right expertise to get your project done right.

Brick and Concrete Sealing Professionals

Repairing and sealing your brick and concrete materials requires expert attention and care. Our professional brick and concrete sealing contractors can assess, estimate, repair and seal all your brickwork, masonry and concrete materials. For proper waterproofing and weatherproofing of your brick and concrete in Toronto and the GTA, contact Earth, Stick & Stone today.

We can protect your brick, concrete and masonry from the following issues:

  • Water leakage and water penetration
  • Brick crumbling and structural issues
  • Humidity and water vapor
  • Cracking and visual inconsistencies
  • Salt and weather damage

If your brick and concrete surfaces are starting to dust, crumble or crack, consider our sealing contractors to help bring your materials back to their original strength and look.

ALL Build & Restore Work


For interior and exterior painting of your home or commercial property, we offer professional and affordable painting services in any color of your choosing. Get a free estimate from our team and walk through the project with our estimators to get an accurate cost and design consultation.
We can patch drywall, remove loose nails and screws, touch up baseboards and moulding and work with stucco, wallpaper and plaster. For a complete home or commercial painting service, Earth, Stick & Stone can provide the interior or exterior painting services you need and according to your timelines.

We serve commercial and residential properties in Toronto, the GTA and across Southern Ontario. Call us today to get started on your painting project and get a free estimate.