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Brick & Concrete Sealing

A concrete sealer is highly-recommended for protecting your investment in a decorative or landscape designed driveway, walkway, patio, or pool deck.

Sealing provides a tough resilient layer of protection for your decorative concrete surface from environmental exposure to rain, sun, and freezing temperature and from salt, oil, grease, or other chemical stain hazards. This can add years to life and beauty of your concrete surfaces.

Professional Tip: A very desirable and safety-oriented non-skid effect can be achieved by coating the surface while the sealer is still wet with plastic chips or silica sand. Professional commercial products can come with non-skid additives.

Expert Concrete & Brick Sealing Services

Earth Stick & Stone offers professional brick and concrete sealing services conducted by masonry workers. We have exceptional skills in sealing exterior concrete in heavily traveled areas, as well as sealing stained concrete floors and stamped concrete sealing procedures.

Sealing Stamped Colored Concrete and Interior Decorative Concrete Floors

Earth Stick & Stone will properly stain and seal your interior decorative concrete floors for optimum results.

Sealing Brick Patios

Earth Stick & Stone believes brick patios create a beautiful and aesthetic view of your home, whether it’s for serenity, relaxation, or entertainment. Stone patios can become uneven, faded, or tarnished by contaminants. Our experienced staff will seal your brick patio, protecting it from these issues or to restore luxury decks and patios to a revitalized look.

Brick & Concrete Sealing

Re-Sealing Your Garage Floor

If your garage floor has had an existing sealer applied, we will apply our very popular re-sealing technique to make sure it lasts longer and looks great.

Cleaning & Sealing Stamped Concrete

If your stamped concrete surface is still in good condition, we can apply a new coat of sealer that will keep it protected and prevent color fading or uneven appearance. Re-sealing stamped concrete patios can be accomplished in several simple steps.

Sealing Concrete Basement Walls

It is important to determine whether the moisture is due to humidity and condensation inside the house or from moisture in the foundation external to your basement wall, because this determination also determines the right solution. Earth, Stick and Stone can help with the correct diagnosis and recommend the most effective solution.

Dealing with Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a two-step process where moisture;

  1. Migrates from the surface to the interior of masonry materials and dissolves minerals within the material, and then
  2. Migrates back to and evaporates on the surface, leaving an unsightly residue on the outside surface of the masonry.

Efflorescence, while not harmful itself, may point to more serious moisture-related structural problems for your home or business building.

Earth Stick & Stone is competent and equipped to remove surface efflorescence and to analyze and identify the cause so that remedial action can be taken if required, to preserve your structure.