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Carpentry Services for Renovations, Additions & Homes

Earth Stick & Stone offers carpentry expertise for the cutting, shaping and installation for building construction and concrete form work. We work with natural wood, metal, and composite materials. We complete wood frame building structures, engineered structural beams, frames for concrete and fine millwork for custom cabinetmaking.

The services we provide include:

  • Construct and maintain rigging devices, trusses, and other structural assemblies
  • Building layout, framing, and roofing structures
  • Perform general carpentry tasks
  • Construct concrete form work for slabs, walls, and columns
  • Millwork for fine custom cabinetry

Wood Frame Construction

The more traditional way of framing or constructing homes is by Wood Frame Construction or Stick Carpentry. Roofs, floor trusses and most of all framing is, in effect, created on site from individual pieces of lumber. We use prefabricated and site-built trussed rafters in our stick framing process. Our trusses are fabricated to redistribute tension away from both wall-tie and ceiling members.

Extensive Carpentry Expertise & Experience

Problems, when encountered, can be solved more easily with stick building than it can with complete steel or concrete ‘engineered’ projects. There is also a perception within the industry as well as in the public’s mind that stick built homes have more quality and the framing crews and carpenters that stick build homes in the field are more skilled than their ‘engineered’ counterparts.

Wood Frame Construction

PART OF THE DOMAR GROUP, SNICE 1989: All our trades people are trained and certified to complete even the most complex projects. Our technical expertise covers all aspects of carpentry service and we have a commendable and proven record in carpentry, masonry, and general construction areas.

Custom Millwork & Carpentry Services

Earth Stick & Stone provides a wide range of work including custom cabinetry, finish and trim carpentry and a full range of home renovation services. These exquisite custom services are offered through our sister company, Estate Interiors.

Built In Cabinetry

Working hard to satisfy your desire and design requirements, we can build a variety of custom cabinetry and wood products, incorporating various species of types of wood and finishes for kitchens, bathrooms, and throughout the home.

Entertainment Centers

We build to any requirement for great rooms to basements. We are involved in the process from concept, planning, construction and installation. We pay attention to every detail to ensure each piece is unique and built to perfectly fit the space.

Commercial or Home Office

From multipurpose to wooden custom built, we ensure each element reflects your preference for style while fulfilling its function.

Commercial Store & Display

Having experience in all aspects of fine millwork carpentry and renovation, Earth Stick & Stone can complete any type store front renovation and display.