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Commercial & Residential Demolition

Our technical expertise on various aspects of the demolition will allow us to meet your every need and address all your concerns.

Earth Stick & Stone has modern equipment and tools coupled with an experienced crew that allows us to complete any demolition project. Using various demolition techniques as appropriate to the situation, we guarantee high quality work. Our proven record of accomplishment and technical skill in demolition also ensures compliance with safety regulations on construction sites.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Expert demolition teams can take a building apart while carefully preserving all necessary elements for future re-use, turning waste into recycled items.

Masonry Demolition

Earth Stick & Stone demolition experts remove the surrounding concrete from steel beams or columns without damaging the steel structure itself. Our Toronto demolition experts can tear down a chimney while dealing with access limitations in terms of height, bearing capacity of hydraulic scaffolds and dynamic loads for a masonry restoration project.

Handling Unique Demolition Issues

There are some demolition projects that just don’t allow the use of large scale demolition equipment or that have other issues, such as;

  • access limitations due to backyard landscaping
  • bearing capacity considerations
  • accuracy requirements and maximum levels of impact energy

Earth Stick & Stone has smaller equipment to get any job done. We have the manpower, tenacity, and most of all, the experience to take on even the oddest of demolitions jobs, such as outdoor patio decks.

Expert Demolition Services