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Custom Garage & Carports

Should your garage or carport be attached or detached? Attached structures are advantageous because they provide sheltered access to and from your living space. Detached structures may offer more flexible design options.

Style, appearance, cost and convenience considerations and our recommendations can help you decide. Many people consider vehicle size, but forget to consider storage space and room to move comfortably. There are standard length, width, and door sizes, which are less expensive to install than custom sizes.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: If you are limited in available “floor” space for the build, you can acquire more space by building a second floor. However, this will have an affect on the required masonry foundation.

Garage Size Does Matter

If in doubt about your final garage dimension, go bigger rather than smaller. This will allow more room for storing bikes and lawn mowers, as well as other sports and gardening equipment. Since additional storage requirements often show up after the fact, you will appreciate having planned for extra storage space in your landscape plans.

Various sized vehicles will take up different space. The car you drive today may change based on the needs of your family, and as such so will the space required to store them. Today you may be driving a small car today, but that could turn into a van when your kids start playing soccer.


Carports offer a more inexpensive shelter from the elements for cars, RVs, boats, or other recreational vehicles. Furthermore, they can often double as a sheltered deck patio area for entertaining. Many designs are available.

Contact Earth, Stick & Stone to explore Carport options and to determine if a carport is right for your situation.