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Landscape Design with an Expert Landscape Designer

Earth Stick & Stone has hundreds of landscaping design ideas to choose from that will take your vision and transform it into your personal oasis. We are landscape contractors for both residential and commercial properties and incorporate stone and wood elements, along with water features and plantings to create serene and functional spaces for your backyard, pool area or front entrances.

We Bring Your Outdoor Vision to Life

When it comes to outdoor design, we provide you with the ultimate Landscaping Design that will bring natural beauty to the front yard curb appeal and backyard oasis of your property.

Our landscaping design process involves an initial consultation, a design process, a final design review, a building phase and a finalization phase.

We blend the great outdoors with the latest trends in landscaping plans, ideas, materials and design to create a personal environment for your family and visitors.

Incorporating the right plants, flowers, and shrubbery with the creative use of color and texture, coupled with fragrance can greatly enhance your home’s aesthetic look and feel.

Speak with our Landscape Architects

when designing your outdoor oasis we balance the  elements with your budget

we know how to manage a landscaping project properly

PROFESSIONAL TIP: When crafting your front or backyard landscaping, it helps to keep in mind that there are many elements to consider; home architecture, walkways, gardens, patio, edging between grass and stone and lighting.

Our Landscaping Services cover New Projects, Repairs and Maintenance

Earth Stick & Stone offers a full range of materials and services that will turn your outdoor dream into reality. Our team will create a much-needed secluded corner in your yard to hang a hammock for an afternoon nap or a patio area complete with a barbecue cooking center. Our personalized landscape design services enhance with our unique materials and ideas. Proper landscaping design has proven to enhance entertainment and family gatherings.

Are you looking for a manicured front lawn, stone-paved pathway, or intricate landscape design? Earth Stick & Stone pays attention to detail and with well-executed landscape plans we can upgrade your curb appeal.

We beautify your outdoor space and create a natural ambience. Our expert landscaping design professionals will work with your existing surroundings to create a beautiful and functional space.

Are you looking for Landscape Maintenance Services? We offer complete, reliable year-round Landscape maintenance to maintain the appearance of your property.

We do Lawn Cutting & Maintenance, Hedge Trimming & Pruning, Gardening, Fertilising, Planting, Sodding, Tree Cutting Design & Removal, plus Spring & Fall Clean Up.

ALL Landscaping Work

This includes Landscaping Services that help you achive your outdoor dream and Ongoing Maintenance that keeps it looking its BEST!

The Perfect Landscape Design from Initial Concept to Completion

For truly impressive patios, water features, decks and walkways, discuss with our landscape architects approach front and backyard landscaping projects according to your vision and your budget.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure that we are providing the best in customer satisfaction and service quality.

Landscaping is more than just taking care of your lawns and gardens.

Landscape Planning is a Crucial Element Before Starting Your Project

In order to save time, money and frustration, speak with our professional landscape design team to get accurate estimates of the work that will be involved in executing your vision. Our landscape architects know that your project deserves to be planned correctly from the start. With numerous outdoor designs available to browse, we are well equipped to demonstrate what we can do for you and your landscaping plans in Toronto.

Landscape Architects

Discuss outdoor focal points with our experts before getting to work on your outdoor living spaces;

  • Frontyard Curb Appeal
  • Backyard Oasis
  • Stone Design
  • Color Selection
  • Storage
  • Grading
Poolscaping Services

If your plans include a pool, consider our poolscaping services for maximizing your outdoor water experience.

From pool decks to interlock to gardening, we know how to make your poolside area reach its full potential. Since there are so many types of materials available, and four seasons to accommodate for these materials, it is essential to speak to those who know what makes your backyard look its best every month of the year.

ALL Landscaping Work

This includes Landscaping Services that help you achive your outdoor dream and Ongoing Maintenance that keeps it looking its BEST!

Front Yard Landscaping

Crafting the perfect front yard is an exercise in merging elements of comfort, accessibility and flair. If you are looking to showcase your home in its best light, and to impress the neighbours, speak with our team about your front yard landscaping design options.

Stone or Wood Front Porch

From stone patios to wood, Earth, Stick and Stone can help you design the front porch that best suits your lifestyle and your home’s curb appeal. Each front porch is unique, from the hand rails to the color and the size. It is important to match your front porch to your home’s existing style and theme.

Driveway Design

Whether you require small front yard landscaping or own a larger space, your driveway will always be an important design area. This high traffic area requires durable and properly installed interlock stone. Since your driveway sees many pounds of pressure from vehicles.


A possible option for framing your front yard landscaping. Materials such as iron, wood or PVC can all help to provide privacy and design to your front yard space. Talk to the experts at Earth, Stick & Stone to plan what kind of fencing would best suit your property and front lawn design.


In terms of front yard accessibility, walkways are important to lead guests from the street to your front door. Front sidewalk landscaping is a great way to welcome visitors visually to your home and impressive front yard design. Choose from custom interlock design and placement to really bring a unique and functional feel to your front yard.


Whether you are looking to showcase your front yard during the day or during the night, lighting is essential to bring your design elements to life. From custom ironwork, stone pillars and classic light fixtures, explore the exciting options for your small front yard landscaping or front sidewalk landscaping needs.

DESIGN TIP: It is important to talk to the experts at Earth, Stick and Stone to consider the functional aspects of your driveway space. Stone thickness, pattern and placement are all key aspects to consider when looking to design your driveway for functionality and durability.

Backyard Landscaping

Are you looking to design your dream backyard oasis but don’t know where to start? Let our landscape architects and design experts in Toronto guide you through the backyard landscaping options available to you. From walkways to stonework, retaining walls to pools, and gazebos to pergolas, there are no aspects we can’t handle. Our design team at Earth Stick & Stone has the knowledge and experience to make a job of any size become reality.

Speak with our team to draft a plan for your backyard landscaping design and to consider all of the available options before starting the project. If you are looking for small backyard landscaping, we know how to maximize space to consider both your needs for entertaining guests and for functionality. Earth, Stick and Stone knows how to design backyard landscaping for many different uses.

Fire Pits

If you enjoy entertaining guests, consider a fire pit as a conversation piece during the day and as a way to bring your landscaping to life at night. Outdoor patio landscaping is another crucial element that brings a comfortable and luxurious feel to backyard spaces. Craft custom walkways to lead your guests from one area to the next. You can also add stonework around your backyard patio to really surround and accent the entertaining space from the lawn areas.

When designing your outdoor patio landscaping, know that Earth, Stick and Stone are experts in this space and know all of the challenges and opportunities for impressive design that exist.

Water Features

When designing water features for your backyard landscaping, balance is key. Earth, Stick and Stone know that achieving harmony between the earth and water in your backyard really brings your landscaping to the next level. Accents such as ponds, fountains and pools are all common features of backyards that really make your space feel alive.


This is also an essential element to plan when looking at your outdoor space. The flow of rainwater and groundwater in your backyard needs to be assessed so that your foundation is protected from pooling. Ensure your backyard grading is flowing away from your home so that water drains properly. Our backyard experts know the importance of drainage and can plan and assess your space to prepare your property to handle water effectively.

Whether you have a small backyard or a large backyard, we know how to plan for properly managing your groundwater flow.

DESIGN TIP: With large backyards, it is helpful to separate the entertainment space from the open space, and the functional spaces from the areas designated for relaxation. Some important items you may want to consider are storage sheds, pergolas for shade, guiding walkways, & water features.

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