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Landscape Drainage Services

Landscape drainage problems can ruin your day, your garden ⎯ and your foundation⎯ so they need to be resolved properly before serious structural damage occurs.

The good news is that some drainage issues can be relatively simply resolved, but Earth Stick & Stone recommends ruling out the worst-case scenarios to avoid a headache and heartache later.

If water is pooling or ponding on your property after heavy rains and seems to take a long time to drain, or if there is evidence of moisture or seepage in your basement, let us determine the cause and list some alternative actions to take to resolve the problem.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Landscape drainage solutions also need to consider the effects of any modifications on neighboring properties.

Installing the proper Drainage Solution

If, originally, your property wasn’t developed with the help of a qualified grading contractor, then the original grading plan may not have been adequate for current drainage requirements. In this case, we can determine which remedial action will best address the problem.

We are expert at installing contemporary solutions, including French drains, pop up emitters. catch basins, finger drains, flow-wells, and channel drains. If your property does require grading to conform to a corrective grading plan, we are fully equipped to provide this service.

Drainage Solutions