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Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits are elegant and functional additions to any back yard. They are a multi-purpose focal point for family and social activities. Properly selected, a fire pit can be an elegant design feature as well as a catalyst for three season enjoyment and celebration.

Three important considerations when planning a fire pit are Function, size, and budget.   Will your fire pit be a cooking fire pit as well as an elegant campfire setting? Or is it primarily a landscape design element to enhance your patio or back yard social environment?

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Select fire pit fill materials that absorb heat and are decorative. River rock, recycled glass and lava rock serve this purpose.

Custom Fire Pit Design & Build

Earth Stick & Stone designs and builds natural gas, propane, as well as wood-burning granite fire pits. Granite Fire pits are economical, durable, beautiful, and easy to install. Properly installed, they will last a lifetime.

Some of our Popular Fire Pits & Accessories Options Include:

  • Round Wood Burning Firepit
  • Spark screen for round Firepit
  • Fire pit gas burners

Many Fire pits are built to a 3-foot or 1 metre diameter, but going larger, when space and budget permit, can produce outstanding results.