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Flagstone Design Enhances your Property

Flagstone is typically sedimentary rock⎯although harder rock types are gaining popularity⎯that has been split into layers. It describes stones laid in a flag fashion or patterns on outdoor surfaces.

Flagstone has been used in both indoor and outdoor applications since early Viking times. Patios, driveways, walkways and bordering walls are typical outdoor scenarios where flagstone adds elegance and beauty to the landscape.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: More dense materials, such as quartzite, are becoming popular because softer flagstones can degrade quickly in rainy areas or next to swimming pools. Sandstone, for example, can crack, stain, discolor or flake.

Flagstone of Various Types are Used for Different Applications:

  • Bluestone is a more durable than other sedimentary flagstones
  • Ledgestone is best for stacking
  • Milled flagstone is cut to a flat edge on one or more of the sides
  • Mosaic flagstones are formed into patterns made up of randomly sized pieces.
  • Pavers are stones cut into square or rectangular units
  • Sawn Bed Veneer flagstones cut to a certain depth with natural surface on one side
  • Slabs which are the most popular flagstones are large flat pieces of stone with irregular outlines
  • Snapped Veneer flagstone is snapped to provide flat surfaces on both sides
  • Steppers are also used as pathway step stones
  • Thin Veneer flagstones are designed to be laid on a concrete slab
  • Tumbled Flagstones are smoothed to soften edges
  • Treads are stone machined for use in elevation transitions, e.g. steps and risers


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