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In landscaping and construction, grading is required when the shape or elevation of ground surface needs to be altered. This can include flattening curved or elevated surfaces or elevating or curving flat surfaces.

Earth Stick & Stone specializes in grading for residential and commercial building constructions. Grading is most often performed to level soil and material for buildings, roadways, parking lots and driveways, landscaping, silt fences, farmland, and land strips.

Professional Tip: A laser system is placed on the grading equipment – dozer, grader, grading boxes, and leveling tools – and then pulled by our tractors to get the job done.

Environmental Grading Services

Our grading experts work with environment laws to ensure each project is completed with environmentally friendly processes.

  • We conform to local and regional construction codes and best practices to ensure grading and leveling is done professionally.
  • We use low emission graders, tractors, and equipment in our own effort to practice environmental responsibility.
  • We follow Environment and Climate Change Canada regulations.

Earth Stick & Stone grading services include open drainage ditching. With proper grading and slope, open ditch drains allow water to flow onto a farmland for crop irrigation.

Environmental Grading Services