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Interlocking Stone: Durable & Cost Effective

Interlocking Stone, or Pavers, have become one of the most widely used materials by landscaping designers for residential and commercial properties. Interlocking pavers are available in so many design options and style as well as being long-lasting and slip-resistant, makes them ideal for high traffic areas.

Interlocking comes in different designs, textures, and colors. This makes them ideal for personalized and custom looks. We combine these colors, and shapes to make popular themes like Mediterranean, Old World, modern, or contemporary. Your creativity can be unleashed when you mix or choose different designs and themes.

Professional Tip: Permeable interlocking concrete pavers, when placed on a properly graded and appropriately selected base, ensure significantly reduced storm water runoff. This characteristic makes them friendly to the environment and protective of your structure.

Benefits of Interlocking Pavers:

  • Easy to install
  • Can be readily replaced
  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • Absorbs heavy loads without cracking or chipping
  • You can have peace of mind knowing that slip-and-fall accidents won’t occur
  • Durable and sturdy⎯Can withstand extremely cold, freezing and rapid temperature changes
  • Lowers the requirement for drainage pipes, gutters, and curb systems
  • Stabilizes formerly loose soil and make areas such as driveways or parking lots more attractive – especially when vegetation is planted in their hollow centers

Interlocking Stone

Residential & Commercial Applications of Interlocking Brick

Patios – can be enhanced with colours and attractive patterns using Patio Interlocking Pavers

Pool Decks – Interlocking Bricks create slip-proof surfaces can eliminate the danger of these wet areas

Walkways – ensure your walkways is as safe as possible with slip-resistant Interlocking Walkway Stones

Driveways – premium Interlocking Pavers ensure that your Interlock Stone Driveway is built to last

Loading Docks – can see heavy and premium Interlock Stone can support heavy use for years

Shopping Malls – requirements for Interlocking Pavers are attractiveness, safety, and long life

Streets – Interlocking pavers can add an old-world charm while standing up to years of traffic volume

Parking Areas – Commercial parking lots can see heavy use or may need to support heavy loads