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Landscaping Lighting

Earth Stick & Stone is a certified landscape lighting service provider with decades of lighting experience. From concept, design, style, application to complete lighting, we ensure that your lighting project adds beauty, provides safety, and is completed on time and on budget.

When planning landscape lighting, we include entrances pathways, buildings, patios, and recreational areas to produce an even more beautiful landscape. At the same time, evening safety and security are enhanced.

Landscape Lighting Creates a Lighting Effect with your Landscaping

Landscape lighting has several conventional purposes, including providing safety and security for you, your family, and guests, adding beauty and creating desirable and attractive ambiance. Earth Stick & Stone has expertise in using lighting to illuminate gardens, trees, shrubbery, and ground cover which beautifully and flawlessly highlights the beauty of your surroundings at night.

LED Landscape Lighting

Applying the latest technologies and trends in LED lighting, offers professional outdoor landscape lighting that adds beauty, Feng Shui, character and safety, to your home. We meticulously add path lights, accent lights and deck lights to enhance the unique landscape design and architectural layout of your property.

  • LED LANDSCAPE LIGHTING: Highlight your garden, accent your landscape, and add safety to your home
  • LED DECK LIGHTING: Make the most of your deck – light a party or just add ambiance, comfort, & style

These inclusions produce a beautiful light landscape, while increasing night time security and safety. We want to ensure that you enjoy your garden when it’s dark with exceptionally designed and installed landscape LED lighting.

Landscape Lighting