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Landscape Maintenance

Earth Stick and Stone provides complete, reliable 4-season Landscape maintenance and will help you develop and implement a year-round landscape maintenance plan that fits both your budget and your property appearance goals.

We provide as-needed or as well as scheduled Spring, Summer and Fall services to keep your landscape environment neat, healthy, and beautiful.

Professional Tip: Spring and Fall are especially important times to perform landscape maintenance. Your property’s appearance and your enjoyment of it can be greatly enhanced with proper attention.

Spring Clean Up

Every spring cleaning project differs and each property can benefit from a custom landscaping maintenance plan. Our spring cleanup can remove winter debris, prepare flowerbeds and lawns, trim and prune trees, repair any damage to driveways and walkways, and provide any other services that you want, to turn your property into a 3-season oasis.


Fertilizer requirements for lawns depends on its current condition and your expectations. We generally recommend a 3-season approach, when needed, where the lawn is fertilized in the previous Fall, then again in late spring and mid-summer, if needed.

Natural fertilizers, such as finely mulched grass, are much better for the environment. We encourage their use, whenever possible. We gently employ commercial products when more nutrition is needed, or if it is needed more quickly. We also coordinate our lawn fertilizing services with climate conditions so that heavy rains do not devalue the nutrition-providing process.

For both flowers and lawns, we test the soil to determine which N-P-K formulas and which schedules of re-application will be best for your landscape.

Spring Clean Up


Lawns, gardens, and flower beds can all benefit from attention – at the proper time. Trees and bushes like to be planted early, as do your perennial plants.

Vegetables and annual flowers need to wait until the final frost, before planting. If your lawn needs seeding or weed prevention, this can be and should be done after Spring Clean Up.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: It is best to diagnose and treat any Emerald Ash Borer infestation of your Ash trees, or properly take down and remove then, if required.


Gardens can be simple, complex, or anywhere in between. Your garden may be sloped, multi-level or flat. It may incorporate ponds or waterfalls. Or, it may fill a lawnless space.

Earth Stick & Stone can design, redesign, build and maintain your garden, throughout the growing season. Color, texture, and seasonal growth are all important design considerations.

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Properly shaped hedges and shrubbery look pleasing and grow better. We pay careful attention to these factors.

Depending on the species and on its maturity, Spring may be an ideal time to trim or prune your hedges and shrubs, but summer or Fall could be better.

Let us help you determine the ideal timing and frequency for attention to your shrubs and hedges.

Tree Cutting

Tree trimming improves both the health and appearance of your leaf and needle-bearing assets.

Our certified arborists will recommend appropriate maintenance and will accomplish these recommendations as required.

Occasionally, trees die, create safety hazards, and need to be removed. Earth Stick and Stone has the specialized equipment to safely remove trees of any size.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: For maintaining your beautiful and healthy lawn, apply insecticides late in the afternoon when the bugs are active and herbicides early in the morning when their leaves are the most receptive.


Lawn Cutting & Maintenance

A healthy lawn looks attractive. Additionally, it improves your living experience by increasing ambient oxygen content, absorbing sound, reducing erosion, removing air pollutants, and selectively discouraging the growth of insects and weeds.

Earth Stick & Stone can provide a complete range of regularly scheduled and custom of lawn care services including:

  • Mowing Watering
  • Aeration
  • Dethatching
  • Raking
  • Topdressing
  • Over-seeding Lawn

Lawn Cutting &



While sodding can be a do-it-yourself project, it is labour-intensive and requires planning, specialized equipment⎯ rototiller and roller⎯and knowledge.

Earth Stick and Stone has all the above and can ensure that your replacement or new sodding project is completed quickly and skillfully.

Fall Clean Up

Fall Clean Up

A great way to have a beautiful-looking yard next year is to do proper landscape maintenance in the Fall. There are several landscaping maintenance tasks that should be performed late in the season. These include:

  • Lawn aeration
  • Mulching your lawn
  • Applying fertilizer
  • Final mowing
  • Raking and removing fallen leaves
  • Planting new shrubbery
  • Trimming and pruning any dead branches
  • Draining your irrigation system
  • Cutting back perennials