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Pool Deck Design and Construction

Concrete pool decks add value to your property and functionality to your pool. Stamped concrete is one elegant and adaptable choice for pool deck construction, as it is both decorative and functional. We use decorative techniques such as stamping or stenciling.

Earth Stick & Stone builds patterned concrete pool decks that add color and uniqueness to your pool area. Our most popular techniques for coloring stamped concrete for pool decks are chemical stains, integral color, and dry-shake hardeners. We apply these methods as standalone techniques or in combinations to create a distinct variety of effects.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Decorative pool deck texture techniques replicate the colors of natural stone while creating strong, aesthetic, unique medallions or various other custom artistic elements.

Creative Pool Deck Design

Pool deck coloring is one of the best ways to beautify a concrete pool deck. Earth Stick & Stone can produce a variety of colors, giving your pool deck distinction and personality, while blending your pool deck with its surroundings. Pool coloring is enhanced with the application of other decorative concrete treatments.

Earth Stick & Stone decorative concrete pool decks techniques can complement the exterior appearance of your home, too, adding serenity to your outdoor environment. Our pool deck construction and design expertise incorporates exotic and traditionally expensive materials such as slate, stone or even wood.

The benefits of stamped concrete pool decks are that they provide an extremely durable surface⎯ sometimes better than wood or even stone. With Earth Stick & Stone techniques for pool deck designing, we incorporate decorative stamped concrete and build your pool at a fraction of the cost.

Pool Deck Design