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Walkway Design

Walkway landscaping is both a beautiful and functional element or addition to any home or commercial property. When designed well, walkways can become a central focal point of any property’s landscape feature.

One popular use of a walkway is to extend the front yard and while giving it extra parking capability. Another factor to consider when building a walkway is the slope of the land on which the walkway will be developed.

The architecture of a building will always determine the right style, type, and design for a walkway. At Earth Stick & Stone we make sure that all necessary surveys have been done on site so that we can give the home or property owner the best walkway build options to choose from.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: The makeup, color and theme of a house should determine whether a concrete or brick walkway will best suit the architectural environment of the property.

All-Season Functionality

Some home or property owners like to install electrical heat rods to help defrosting in the winter, before the walkway is installed. Our team of walkway builders have the planning and technical knowledge to integrate this defrosting function into your walkway construction.

  • We make sure the right materials are used in their right proportions to prevent sinking, uneven bricks and concrete cracks and bumps due to our drastic four season changes from year to year.
  • We pay attention to every walkway construction we undertake. Slip and falls are very common on walkways during winter and wet months.
  • We strongly and strictly adhere to local and regional building codes when constructing a new walkway or renovating and older one.

It is very important to us that the right types of materials are introduced during the construction process to provide an effective anti-slip feature to your walkway.