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Expert Masonry Contractors

We specialize in masonry bricklaying and restoration. As masonry repair contractors, we can handle all stone and masonry projects from residential to large scale commercial. We have the resources to restore century’s old buildings, museums, high rise apartments and commercial buildings. Earth Stick & Stone has one of the most experienced teams of masonry specialists and workers in Southern Ontario. We bring all their expertise and knowledge to every project we undertake.

Earth, Stick & Stone Proudly Offers Service Guarantees

When you get in touch with our team, a masonry specialist will visit your property and provide you with the following:

  • Comprehensive brick repair, restore and build options
  • Design & décor options which will complement the existing brick work or new project
  • Certainty to meet all local and provincial building code requirements
  • FREE ESTIMATE with a committed project completion date
  • Until the stone and masonry project is completed to your satisfaction, our work as masonry contractors is not done

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Benefits of masonry in construction include attractive appearance, durable performance, low maintenance requirements and excellent tolerance for high usage.

Masonry Design in Construction

The Earth Stick & Stone masonry design services cover a comprehensive array of brick and masonry construction processes and applications. We have a deep understanding of masonry materials and processes, which is required to plan masonry wall systems that achieve the requirements of a project and specify the masonry materials. We undertake both residential and commercial masonry design projects. People choose a masonry design for progressive, innovative building design that delivers flexibility, versatility, and value.

Whether government, corporate, commercial, cultural facilities or institutions, buildings designed with masonry elements are timeless and enduring. Benefits include attractive appearance, durable performance, low maintenance requirements & tolerance for high usage.

We work collaboratively with:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Other Professionals

ALL Masonry Work

Stone & Masonry Restorations

We have specialists in masonry restoration, who can integrate different techniques and products to adapt seamlessly to any project, whether it requires traditional materials and methods or a truly modern look.

Earth Stick & Stone can restore commercial and industrial buildings or Victorian homes anywhere in the greater Toronto area and across Southern Ontario.

Our goal is to utilize appropriate methods & techniques while adhering to all building codes.

Brick, Concrete and Stone Masonry Design, Planning & Construction Services

Our workers handle any masonry project with speed and precision while adhering to professional “best practices” for quality assurance & control purposes. Our masonry design and masonry in construction services include the following:

Design & Planning Services
  • Follow specifications for moisture, air management
    plus expansion & contraction
  • Conduct Forensic investigations
  • Incorporate Building Code requirements
  • Installation and workmanship planning
  • Specify materials
Construction Services
  • Mortar & Grout
  • Lintels & Arches
  • Different Masonry wall types
  • Single-Wythe wall details
  • Multi-Wythe wall details
  • Anchored & adhered veneer details

ALL Masonry Work

Building Masonry Walls

Earth, Stick & Stone prides itself as a specialist in masonry wall and masonry foundation construction for both commercial and residential properties. As the core material that provides your building with protection from the outside world, masonry walls are not only strong and durable, but also help to control indoor temperature, moisture and comfort. Earth, Stick and Stone is a masonry specialist in the following types of wall construction:

  • Load Bearing Masonry Walls
  • Reinforced Masonry Walls
  • Hollow Masonry Walls
  • Composite Masonry Walls
  • Post-tensioned Masonry Walls

Masonry Walls

Front Facade Restoration

Our experienced restorers can break down and rebuild brick facades. We salvage and reuse old masonry parts wherever possible and combine these reusable masonry parts with old styled bricks to give the restoration that century-old aged look while being functionally new and strong. We make the old come alive again by adding to the front façade for great curb appeal of the building.

Repointing Old Bricks

Bricks eventually wear out, deteriorate, or break apart due to ageing or harsh weather conditions. The most common deterioration point is at the mortar joints. By repointing bricks with the correct mortar, Earth Stick & Stone restores buildings back to their original state.

Stone & Brick Work Repair

Earth Stick & Stone has developed many different conservation techniques to restore and preserve all types of rocks and stones. Our expertise includes Dutchman repairs, crack injections, stone stitching and re-tooling. Patience and the technical skill to conserve brick, and stones facades is combined with our ethical practice when restoring old architecture, so that you can be assured of the beauty, quality and safety of the finished result.

Cleaning Old Bricks

Our specialized masonry cleaning team have years of experience and knowledge in the composition of stone and brick. With the aid of state-of-the-art hot steam, water platforms and tools, we can remove years of paint work or carbon layers from your aged brick.

Monuments & Old Architecture Restorations

Earth Stick & Stone is always ready to take on new restoration projects for historic public buildings and monuments across Toronto and Southern Ontario. We have the versatility to integrate different techniques and products that will adapt seamlessly with any project. We employ traditional materials and methods that add more value to
Ontario Heritage buildings.

What is Stone Masonry?

Stone masonry uses stone units bonded together with mortar and comes in two main types;

Rubble Masonry

Ashlar Masonry

What is Random Rubble Masonry?

Using stones that are undressed or hammer dressed, random rubble masonry is marked by stones that are irregularly shaped and non-uniform. There are two main categories to consider.


The stones are laid in layers of equal height and the courses are fairly level. Usually found in the building of residential walls and is considered a superior form of masonry to uncoursed rubble masonry.


The stones are laid without forming courses and the overall appearance is varied. Stones of different sizes and shapes are used. This form of stone and masonry is often referred to as the roughest form of masonry.

What is Square Rubble Masonry?

Also consisting of two main categories, square rubble masonry features stones that are squared by hammer or chisel dressing prior to laying.


Dressed stones are laid in courses of varying heights and with uniform joints, but the height of the stones in each course is the same. Often found in the construction of city buildings and some residential buildings where they give a natural appearance.


Dressed stones are laid without making any courses and the stones are of different sizes, arranged in irregular patterns. Used often where stones of varying sizes are widely available.

Polygonal Rubble Masonry

Providing a truly unique look, stones are hammer finished to create an irregular polygonal shape. Stones are then positioned so that the face joints are displayed irregularly in all directions.

What is Flint Rubble Masonry?

The types of stones used here are either flints or cobbles and they vary in both thickness and width. The face placement may be coursed or uncoursed. While the stones used are hard, they are also brittle.

What is Dry Rubble Masonry?

A type of masonry where mortar is never used for the joints. While this makes the overall cost cheaper, it does require a more precise and careful installation. Cannot be used for load-bearing walls.

What is Ashlar Fine Masonry?

Using extremely fine joint preparations, ashlar masonry requires skill and precision. The height of the blocks used should be kept the same, although the courses can vary. Ashlar masonry comes in many different categories.

What is Ashlar Rough Tooled Masonry?

With the exposed face dressed with rough tooling, and the beds and sides dressed with a fine chisel, this form of masonry aims to have the angles, sizes and edges all kept in order with little variation.

What is Ashlar Rock or Quarry Faced Masonry?

Masonry aimed to give a larger overall appearance, ashlar rock faced masonry keeps the stones true to their original size as only light hammering is used on the faces.

What is Ashlar Block In Course Masonry?

Combining both rubble masonry and ashlar masonry, each stone face is hammered and the heights are also kept the same. Courses can vary in height. Usually found in heavy applications such as bridges or retaining walls.

What is Ashlar Rock or Quarry Faced Masonry?

Masonry aimed to give a larger overall appearance, ashlar rock faced masonry keeps the stones true to their original size as only light hammering is used on the faces.

What is Ashlar Chamfered Masonry?

Masonry aimed to give a larger overall appearance, ashlar rock faced masonry keeps the stones true to their original size as only light hammering is used on the faces.

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