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Brick Restoration

From Victorian homes, French chateaus to industrial and commercial buildings, Earth Stick & Stone’s highly experienced brick and concrete restoration team will restore your building back to new like the day it was built.

We have the experience plus a deep knowledge base in historic building restoration techniques. Over the years, we have developed many different conservation techniques necessary to restore and preserve all types of bricks and stones. Patience and capability to conserve rocks and stones is one ethical practice we always adhere to when restoring old architecture.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Restoration expertise requires different techniques such as; repointing, tuckpointing, Dutchman repairs, crack injections, stone stitching, and re-tooling.

Expert Stone and Masonry Brick Work Restoration

We are experienced masonry repair contractors who can restore and rebuild brick facades. We frequently salvage and reuse old masonry parts when restoring old brick buildings by combining reusable masonry parts with old style bricks to give your building that century- old aged look while being functionally new.

Earth Stick & Stone Also Employs Traditional Materials & Methods to Add More Value to Ontario Heritage Buildings

We have the expertise and skill and to use historic techniques to restore your centuries-old building. Bricks will eventually wear out, deteriorate or break apart due to ageing and harsh weather conditions. The most common deterioration of bricks are at the mortar joints.

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PROFESSIONAL TIP: Skilled masons utilizing the proper techniques, and combined with the correct mortar & bricks are able to restore historic buildings back to their original state.

Earth Stick & Stone is ready to take on new projects of restoring old public arts buildings and monuments across Southern Ontario. We have the versatility to integrate different techniques and products to adapt seamlessly to any brick restoration project, whether you are restoring old brick walls or restoring a brick fireplace. We do it all.

Specialized Masonry Cleaning Team

Earth Stick & Stone have specialized masonry cleaning teams with years of experience and knowledge in the composition of stone and masonry structures. We adhere to proper cleaning techniques with the aid of state-of-the-art hot steam, water platforms and tools that remove years of the paint work or carbon layers off the brick.