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Brick Veneer Design & Installation

Brick Veneer masonry is a highly-recommended residential building and remodeling option that has become very popular in Toronto, because it approximates the appearance of a solid brick or stone masonry wall, yet costs much less, and has impressive insulating properties.

A masonry brick veneer wall is constructed externally to the house framing and with an insulating air space between the brick and the house framing foundation. The external brick or masonry layer is not intended to be structural or load bearing. Earth Stick & Stone also uses brick veneer masonry as an addition to modern wood frame structures or as an addition to concrete block walls.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: The definition of insulation for masonry projects is the ability to trap air. This explains why many insulation products on the market are light and fluffy.

Brick Veneer Makes Great Insulation

Regular brick is heavy and dense, but a brick veneer house is really a wood frame house where the cavities between the studs in the wall are completely insulated and an additional layer of insulation is provided by the air gap between the thin brick veneer and the house frame.

In This Process, the Frame Work, Not the Brick Veneer, Supports the Weight of the Structure

Brick Veneer can lower construction costs and when applicable building codes require additional insulation of exterior walls, brick veneer “siding” is the preferred choice. Most brick homes in Southern Ontario built in the last 30 years use brick veneer.

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Design Tip: Thin brick veneers can be applied to either interior or exterior walls and create the same effect as stone. Being thin, they use less stone, so they are less expensive and lighter.

Thin Brick Veneer

Thin brick veneer gives you a stone look¾lightweight, yet affordable. Modern brick veneers use the same materials as stone masonry products, but are much thinner and lighter, which is advantageous in many masonry applications, especially interior brick veneer walls.