About Masonry Services in Burlington

We do it all – from chimney inspection and repairs to building of new walls, repointing brick, facade rebuilds, and more.

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Design, Repairs, And Construction Services

We are professional masonry experts whose knowledge, skill, and breadth of experience are so great that we are commonly entrusted with the restoration of public treasures — local public and government buildings.

We are well known throughout Burlington and often are also called upon to repair simple and complex masonry projects on both residential and commercial properties. Whether it is small or big, we have the know-how to produce excellent results whether using stone or masonry. As masonry experts, we perform top-notch bricklaying and restoration work with an eye on quality and longevity.

We aim to deliver professional services and results no matter the scope of the project. What’s even better is that we take ownership of every job, managing every project as if we had a personal stake in its outcomes. We do this as part of our best-in-class customer service delivery.

Masonry Wall Building

We provide experts masonry for exceptional foundation construction and masonry wall building. We are capable of successfully completing all sizes of projects and specifications, whether it is a residential or commercial property. We guarantee great results.

While the client is involved in the decision-making process (materials, style, goal), we work diligently to hammer out the details of the budget and the installation with the blessing of the client, according to their limits. It is the key to both customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Take in examples of our residential stonework. It is worth mentioning again that we are often entrusted with restoring some of the local area’s most treasured shared spaces when we are chosen for public and city building restoration.

ALL Masonry Work

We use stone and masonry for successfully completing building restoration, while using masonry on condos & apartments

Masonry & Stone Restoration

We are experts in masonry restoration in Burlington and know the work, processes, and techniques required for your masonry and stone project. From building a modern masonry for your home to the restoration of old buildings, we know how to do masonry and stone restoration properly in the GTA as well as across Southern Ontario.

Cleaning Brick

Old brick requires care. It is porous, and we use hot steaming techniques to maintain the structure while getting it clean. This will remove dirt, carbon, soot, and even paint. Talk to us today and find out how we can give your brick a fresh look using our cleaning services.

Front Façade Restorations

We can handle front façade restoration. We can rebuild and restore structures and capable of re-using old masonry pieces and even old bricks. The strength of a new wall or structure makes the front façade restoration the answer for rejuvenating your old building.

Chimney Repair Burlington

We encourage homeowners and building owners to contact us for chimney cleaning as their local licensed and insured chimney repair professionals.

Safety is a top priority in getting a fireplace working properly. We also offer the following chimney repair services;

  • Replace or repair flashing around chimney
  • Perform brick repair
  • Tuckpointing
  • Adding chimney caps to keep animals, birds, and rain out

NOTE: Our professional detection services check for blockages. Such blockages, if allowed to remain, will cause carbon monoxide poisoning. We also remove creosote as well.

Architecture Restoration

We are often contacted to perform our tried and tested masonry and stone work on historic and architecturally significant buildings and monuments. We specialize in such work. To find out what we can do for your monuments and old architecture, call us to see what our services have done for other great sites across Burlington, including older buildings and monuments. We also serve all of Southern Ontario.

Brick and Stone Repair

We gladly get to work using proper techniques to restore walls to their original glory and structurally sound state. We are capable of using stones, rocks, and masonry for restorations. We do perform stone stitching and retooling along with crack injections, masonry and Dutchman repairs.

Repointing Bricks

Face it, Burlington and Southern Ontario are rough on masonry. Between age, friction, and weather, these factors cause rapid deterioration of old brick work and even the masonry itself. At times, our teams recognize the need to provide repointing services. It’s just part of our skill set, and what many full restorations of masonry bricks need to regain strength and beauty.