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Masonry Decor

Take your space to the next level. At Earth Stick & Stone we specialize in everything décor relating to masonry. We give homeowners exactly what they expect for both interior or exterior masonry décor, including kitchen, fireplace, chimney, patio, balcony, windows, walls, basement, study room, home office, and more.

Masonry Décor services can involve building outdoor stone features, custom concrete countertops, sinks, concrete wall caps and pool copping, to mention a few. Our masonry design work includes brick veneers, stone veneers, stone panels, ledgestone, which capture the nuances, warmth and richness of real stone, for both interior and exterior design builds.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Decorative masonry products are specially engineered thin-veneer materials that replicate the look of brick or stone. They can be used to dramatically upgrade a room or décor, with a wide variety of styles, textures, and colors available.

Take Advantage of our 25+ Years of Hands-on Experience With Masonry Services

Our Decor experts are available to help you with a wide range design ideas. Our design team can assist you in choosing the right décor for your home or commercial space. We will help you create a world full of colors and shapes for your home, office, or commercial property.

Our service is provided by masonry specialists who have hands on experience in the processes involved to complete your customized project. We provide precise material lists, quantities and costing. Discover our extensive range of expertise and make your mark on a residential or commercial building.

Professional Masonry Decor

Get the help you need transforming your home with our masonry decor services and consultation.

Our masonry specialists will provide a comprehensive material estimate for your decorative masonry project, including installation services.