The Best Masonry Services in Caledon

At Earth, Stick &Stone offer residential and commercial masonry services in the Southern Ontario region.

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We are Well Regarded as a Leading Masonry Specialist

From smaller jobs to large projects, we work with stone and masonry to offer professional services to our clients regardless of their goals. We provide building restoration services, masonry for apartments and condos, residential stonework and public and city building restoration.

We fully understand about planning, budgeting, and installation of masonry and stonework and use our knowledge in each and every project to enable our customer to meet his or her goals. You should never entrust your masonry project to firms which don’t know about proper installation procedures and the materials required.

Always remember that masonry walls are durable and beautiful construction choices that need expert care and handling to ensure the right fit. If you want a masonry specialist that guarantees results, pick your phone and contact Earth, Stick & Stone.

Building Masonry Walls

Earth, Stick & Stone is the firm you need for the best results as we are experts in masonry wall and masonry foundation construction. What are you still waiting for? Contact us today so that we can help you meet your masonry goals and enjoy satisfactory results.

We offer many Caledon masonry repairs, design, and construction services. We have experience in a wide range of masonry, brick, stonework design, and construction services. Earth, Stick & Stone will always assemble the right team for the job.

From contractors to engineers to architect, we can handle any project with professionalism and always meeting local building codes. Our team is the best choice for those looking for masonry, design or construction in Caledon.

ALL Masonry Work

We are experienced in the following areas of masonry design and construction services

Stone & Masonry Restorations

We are experts in masonry restoration and know the techniques, processes, and work that needs to be done for your stone and masonry project. From restoring old buildings to building a modern masonry look for your home, we know how to stone and masonry restoration correctly in the GTA and across Southern Ontario.

Cleaning Old Bricks

We also clean old bricks using specializes hot steam techniques. Cleaning old bricks removes paint, dirt, and layers or carbon or debris that may have accumulated and restored old bricks and masonry to its original state. If you want to give your ageing brick that fresh look, contact us today.

Front Façade Restoration

Earth, Stick & Stone can also help those who want a front facade restoration rebuild and restore your wall with proper re-use of old masonry parts and old style bricks. We usually combine an aged look with the strength of a new wall to provide front facade restorations services that are perfect for bringing life to our client’s buildings.

Caledon Chimney Repair Service

Frequent cleaning of the chimney, maintenance repair and rebuilding it will ensure that you enjoy your fireplace and also provide home safety.

Earth, Stick & Stone is licensed and insured chimney repair service in Caledon with the experience to provide you with the following local chimney repair services;

  • Brick Chimney Repair
  • Repairing flashing around chimney
  • Tuckpointing services
  • Adding chimney caps to keep out rain, birds, and animals

NOTE: Professional inspections can detect blockages and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. This can lead to Chimney cleaning and removal of creosote for fire prevention.

Old Architecture Restorations

If you live in Caledon or Southern Ontario and you need specialized monuments and old architecture restorations, contact us so that we can tell you about our old buildings and monuments services. We can handle any restoration project using traditional methods and materials to preserve the heritage of value structures, statues, and monuments.

Stone & Brick Work Repair

Stone and brick work repair services restore your existing wall to its original condition. At Earth, Stick& Stone we know how to work with the different types of stones, rocks, and masonry to restore and preserve their natural beauty. From crack injections, retooling and stitching, Dutchman repairs, masonry repairs and repointing services, we can bring most types of brick and stone back to life.

Repointing Old Bricks

Aging, weather, and friction usually contribute to the deterioration of bricks. Therefore, old bricks need to be rejuvenated to give it that attractive look. Mortar joints are susceptible to wear and tear and require repointing services. We specialize in masonry and repointing old bricks, allowing a full restoration of masonry bricks and mortar to their original strength and visual appeal.