Masonry Experts in Markham

Earth, Stick & Stone is a company that specializes in new construction and restoration services of masonry projects.

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Markham’s Premier Company for Masonry Repair, Design and Construction

The Markham-based masonry repair contractors have the knowledge and skill to handle all of your commercial or residential jobs. From small projects to large jobs involving stone or brickwork, we can handle all of your needs. The professionalism and service shine with this company. Each serviceman has the knowledge and skill to handle all restoration projects, new masonry applications on homes or apartments and stonework projects on both public and private buildings.

Earth, Stick & Stone services Markham and Southern Ontario and is considered the leader in masonry. The company will be with you each step of the way from the initial planning and budgeting stage to completion; the professionals will remain at your side explaining every step of the project to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Other firms do not have the skill and knowledge of the different materials and installation procedures needed to create and maintain beautiful masonry walls. Building these walls takes expert handling, which is why you should only rely on an expert who guarantees their results like Earth, Stick & Stone.

Building Masonry Walls

Earth, Stick & Stone will work with you to create a beautiful masonry wall that fits in perfectly with your surroundings. Whether you desire a modern look or old architectural design, you are sure to find just what you need when you call Markham’s masonry experts.

The professionals at Earth, Stick & Stone has experience in masonry, brick and stonework design and construction. The company knows how to assemble the best team based on the project. This group may include architects, engineers and contractors. Each member of the team will work together to ensure the project meets all local building codes.

If you are in need of a company that designs, constructs or repairs masonry in Markham, look no further than this company as it has a proven record of customer service and excellence.

ALL Masonry Work

The company has experience in all aspects of masonry design, repair and construction, including:

Masonry & Stone Restoration

Earth, Stick & Stone are expert masonry restoration specialists. They have the skills and knowledge to complete all of your stone and masonry restoration projects. Whether you need an old building restored or a modern home built, you can depend on Earth, Stick & Stone to breathe new life into your home or office.

Cleaning Old Bricks

Bricks can become dirty over time. The professionals at Earth, Stick & Stone use a specialized hot steam technique to remove old paint, layers of carbon and dirt from bricks to rejuvenate the bricks while still maintaining the integrity of antique bricks. Contact them today to see how their specialized cleaning techniques can freshen your old bricks.

Front Façade Restorations

Do you have a commercial property that needs a facelift? Earth Stick & Stone can help by rebuilding or restoring your front facade. They will reuse old masonry or old style bricks to create a facade that blends seamlessly with the rest of your building.

Chimney Repair Services in Markham

Chimneys require routine cleaning and repair to ensure safety and enjoyment.

Earth, Stick & Stone is licensed and insured to repair and clean chimneys in the GTA. Our expert chimney repair specialists provide the following services;

  • Repair Chimney Flashings
  • Clean & remove creosote from the chimney
  • Add chimney caps to prevent animals, birds, and rain from getting in
  • Tuckpointing

NOTE: We will inspect your chimney and look for any blockages, which can potentially result in carbon monoxide poisoning or chimney fires.

Restoring Old Architecture

For those who have old monuments or architecture, Earth, Stick & Stone has the experience to repair and restore any project using traditional materials and methods. This will preserve the heritage of old statues, monuments and buildings while increasing the strength of these old pieces.

Stone Repair Work

Stones can become damaged with time and require restoration work. Earth, Stick & Stone’s experts understand how to restore, preserve and revitalize stone so they can show off their natural beauty. The professionals know how to retool and stitch stonework, repoint masonry, complete Dutchman repairs and crack injections to restore older brick and stone while maintaining the natural beauty of stones.

Old Brick Repointing

Weather, friction and age can cause bricks and mortar to deteriorate. When this occurs, the brick and mortar will need to be rejuvenated. Mortar joints can be repointed to restore the area and ensure the brick wall remains strong and visually appealing. Repointing old brick involves removing loose mortar and replacing it with new mortar. The professionals at Earth, Stick & Stone have years of experience in old brick repointing.