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Parging Supplies Extra Protection When Needed

When an exterior masonry surface requires extra protection from elements or if surface imperfections need to be hidden, an additional coating may be applied to the masonry. This process is called parging and may be either cement or acrylic based. The parge coat is applied using a trowel, which is the pressed and smoothed into the existing substrate.

Parging provides the protective layer to the foundation of any building. This application provides a smooth surface to the exterior of masonry foundations and walls, waterproofing the exterior-facing surface. Earth Stick & Stone offers top-rated parging services in our service area.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Parging is not merely an aesthetic feature. Properly done, it will prevent foundation leaks, deep cracks, water damage, and mold.

Expert Parging Services

Professional parging of a home is a critical part of your home’s maintenance. New homes also require parging repairs after a few years, especially after strong winters. If we determine that parging is necessary or beneficial for the masonry foundation, we can initiate a detailed parging project process.

First, old parging that no longer bonds well is removed so that new parging is introduced to a clean substrate. In our parging process, we add glue to a mixture that contains microfibers that create stronger bonding. We apply mesh to reinforce the entire parging process, so that it will hold for years. Call us about our parging services and enquire about our warranty.

Professional Parging Services