The Richmond Hill Masonry & Stonework Experts

We are Richmond Hill’s masonry bricklaying and restoration experts.

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Richmond Hill Masonry Repairs, Design & Construction Services

Our services cater to both commercial and residential project, from the large to the small. Our mission is to offer professional services for every project we take on when working with stone and masonry. Our business portfolio is extensive and includes restoration of the city and public building, and masonry for condos and apartments as well as stonework for different buildings.

Earth, Stick & Stone are highly regarded as the professional masonry specialist in Southern Ontario. We know every aspect of masonry and stonework working with dedication to ensure customer satisfaction for every project, from the planning and budgeting to installation and finishing.

It is wise to entrust your project to a firm that knows of and understands the materials needed and installation procedures required for the project. It is not secret that masonry walls are breathtaking and highly durable construction choices. However, this is only achievable in the hands of an expert who ensures everything has a perfect fit. Make the wise choice for your investment by hiring Earth, Stick & Stone. We are the specialists who will guarantee fast, high-quality, and lasting results.

Building Masonry Walls

As the masonry and stonework experts, Earth, Stick & Stone can help establish a solid masonry foundation construction for any commercial or residential property.

We have years of experience in stonework, brick and masonry design services and construction. As such, we know how to assemble the suitable team of experts for the project; from contractors and architects to engineers and other experts. The team will be a unique combination of skilled individuals who know and work according to the local building codes.

We are the specialist you need when it comes to masonry repairs, design or construction in Richmond Hill.

ALL Masonry Work

Our team of experts is knowledgeable in various masonry design and construction services that include

Stone & Masonry Restoration

Richmond Hill’s masonry restoration experts know what it takes to work on your stone and masonry project; the techniques and processes. From building modern masonry designs to restoring old stonework in buildings, we have the experience and expertise in doing stone and masonry restorations in the GTA and the greater Southern Ontario.

Cleaning Old Bricks

Our services also include cleaning old bricks using unique hot steam techniques. With our methods, we can work on various old bricks and masonry, removing the old paint, carbon layers, dirt, and debris that may have accumulated over the years. Talk to us and find out how your ageing brick wall can get a fresh look with our cleaning services.

Front Façade Restoration

We are the guys to call if you seek a front façade restoration. We can rebuild or restore your old wall expertly using old brick and masonry parts using a technique that makes use of the aged look mixed with the sturdiness of the modern wall designing. Earth, Stick & Stone offers front façade restoration services that perfectly bring back to life your old building.

Chimney Repair Services in Richmond Hill

A well-maintained chimney will see your home enjoy having a fireplace for very long time. Cleaning the chimney, rebuilding, and doing minor repairs ensure the fireplace is safe for use in your home.

Earth, Stick and Stone is licensed and insured to deliver chimney cleaning and repair services in Richmond Hill that include;

  • Tuckpointing
  • Repairing flashing around Chimney
  • Tuckpointing Installing caps to keep out animals, birds, and rain
  • Repairing Chimney Brick

NOTE: We also do a thorough inspection for any blockages that may impede the flow of smoke up and out of the chimney, this includes the removal or creosote during the cleaning process thus lowering the risk of fire.

Old Architecture Restorations

We have professionals that can handle the restoration of old monuments old architectures. Call Earth, Stick & Stone and find out more about the old architecture and monument restoration services in Richmond Hill and across Southern Ontario. We employ both traditional and modern restoration methods to work on various projects where we are called upon to help preserve the herniate of different statues, monuments, and other valued structures.

Stone and Brick Work Repair

Stone and brick work repairs are restorative processes that can take your walls to their original state. At Earth, Stick & Stone, we understand all types of stones, rocks, bricks, and masonry and how work with each, restore, and even preserve the natural beauty. Dutchman repairs, stone retooling and stitching, masonry repairs, crack injection, and repointing services, we have the knowledge on restoring the lost lustre in most types of stones and bricks.

Repointing Old Bricks

Weather, friction and ageing work together and contributing to the deterioration of old masonry and brickwork, and this will lead to the need for some rejuvenation work. The most affected are the mortar joints which are very susceptible to wear and tear and need repointing. Repointing is one of our specialties; we do it will skill and precision restoring the mortar, bricks, and masonry to their original look and vigour.