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Masonry Construction, Design, and Restoration in Simcoe-County

Your Simcoe-County area masonry firm knows what is involved in dealing with a variety of masonry, stonework, and brick design. They truly understand that there are specific talents required for each of these different types of masonry fields. Their highly trained team of workers, restorers, engineers, accountants, and architects will be able to provide you with the professional qualifications that are required to meet many of the more difficult local building codes.

This masonry design and restoration team have the ability to guide your project from start up to completion. As the owner or customer of the project, you will be well informed each step of the way. The better masonry companies are experienced and knowledgeable in the following areas.

It is to your advantage to look for a masonry company that has experienced workman with a professional attitude. Throughout all of Ontario there are masonry companies that can provide you with a good reputation and an experienced staff. There are many advantages when dealing with a local company in the Simcoe-County area. One of the main advantages is that a local company will know everything about the various types of masonry or stonework that is best suited for the climate in Simcoe-County.

Building Masonry Walls

A reputable masonry company will have a team of qualified bricklayers restoration and masonry experts on hand. A company in Simcoe-County will be able to provide you with these type of services for both the commercial and residential markets.

The better companies have the experience to work on both small or large projects. They will provide you with the same high level of service no matter what the job size.

Some of the areas that they have experience in should include public and city building restoration, residential brick and stone work, masonry work for both apartments and condos, and restoration works for older buildings.

ALL Masonry Work

We are knowledgeable in All Areas of Masonry Construction & Design

Masonry & Stone Restoration

We are experts in masonry restoration in Simcoe-County and know the work, processes, and techniques required for your masonry and stone project. From building a modern masonry for your home to the restoration of old buildings, we know how to do masonry and stone restoration properly in the GTA as well as across Southern Ontario.

Cleaning of Old Bricks

We offer cleaning services for your old bricks using classica and unique hot steam techniques. We can restore old masonry and bricks by cleaning to get rid of dirt, paint, and layers of accumulated carbon debris. Talk to us today to find out how we can use our cleaning service to give your aging brick a fresh look.

Front Façade Restoration

We can help to rebuild and restore your wall if you are looking for front façade restoration with the proper re-usage of old-style bricks and old masonry parts. The combination of the aged look with the strength of a new wall, you can be sure that our façade restoration services are the best option when it comes to breathing new life into your building.

Simcoe-County Chimney Repair Service

Regular chimney maintenance includes cleaning, rebuilding, and maintenance repair to ensure a healthy chimney

We are an insured and licensed Simcoe-County chimney repair service that are known for our quality and commitment. Maintenance includes;

  • Tuckpointing options
  • Flashing around the chimney
  • Repairing of chimney bricks
  • Adding caps to your chimney to keep animals, birds, and rain out

NOTE: Professional inspections are necessary as they will detect carbon monoxide and prevent blockage.

Old Architecture Restorations

Contact us for all your old architecture and specialized monuments restorations to discuss our services for monuments and old buildings across Southern Ontario and Simcoe-County. We are capable of handling any restoration project using traditional materials and methods for the preservation of the heritage of treasured monuments, statues, and structures.

Brick and Stone Work Repair

Stone and brick repair will return a wall or structure to its original look and state. There is nothing more beautiful than a stone or brick wall whether it be in a garden or on a building. Stone and brick repair work include crack injections, repointing services, masonry repairs, stone stitching and retooling, and Dutchman repairs. These type of repairs require expert tradesmen who will bring back to life an old and weathered looking brick or stone structure.

Repointing of Old Bricks

Weather, friction, and aging are all various conditions that will slowly deteriorate brick and stone. This means that over time there will need to be various degrees of restoration and rejuvenation. The mortar joints that highlight a brick or stone wall or building are more susceptible to these destructive conditions and will require continuous repointing throughout the years.