10% OFF* Structural Columns

Structural Building Columns

Our masonry specialist will work hand in hand with your architect to ensure the structural integrity of your building. We specialize in masonry services for construction and chief among these are masonry columns for any column project.

Earth Stick & Stone has earned a reputation for being the most of the most reliable masonry contractors in the GTA for building columns, and providing consultative services for these critical projects.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Integrated structural ring beam around tops of doors, windows, and walls are connected to columns. It is essential to hire an experienced construction crew to build columns.

Our Columns are Built with Precision & Artistry to Achieve your Design Concept

Our tremendous expertise in masonry has made Earth Stick & Stone a recommended contractor to residential and commercial builders, designers, architects, and homeowners.

We have the manpower and expertise to handle any size masonry project. Our columns are built with the highest quality products and some of the best expertise available. Our custom-built columns will allow you to place unique architectural details into your construction or landscaping project.

Building Structural Columns