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Structural Masonry

Earth Stick & Stone offers structural masonry services for walls, chimneys, and other interior and exterior elements of your residential or commercial property. Masonry structures ⎯brick, stone, and concrete ⎯all provide a strong and functional platform that lasts longer than alternate forms construction.

Many homes that are 100 or more years old, were built with strong masonry structures because quality masonry work can withstand centuries of exposure to weather elements. Earth Stick & Stone recommends structural masonry because it is strong, durable, and long lasting, allowing building structures to be useful for centuries.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Structural masonry minimizes the risk of premature failure of building components, is 100% fire resistant and is also resistant to mold and termite degradation attacks.

Style & function must be taken into consideration when Planning

Our structural masonry specialists analyze and compare available options for the masonry project you are considering. Before we begin the structural process on a masonry project, we consider function and style. We also address building code requirements. We understand the impact of every structure we build on our client’s energy performance, environmental factors, sustainability, and structural integrity.

Structural Masonry Expertise

We consider different materials to build outside & inside structures

For outside structures, we consider practicality and function⎯ durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions⎯before aesthetics. For indoor masonry projects, design and build aesthetics take precedence. Home Interiors built with structured masonry partitions will help stop the spread of fire. And this can dramatically reduce the impact of fires.

Structural Masonry walls are strong and have low maintenance, which reduces both ownership expense and the environmental impact. Most masonry structures are loaded to only a fraction of their load-bearing capacity.