Masonry Services In Vaughan

We are masonry, bricklaying and restoration experts.

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Masonry Design, Construction, and Repair Services in Vaughan

With years of experience and a tremendous variety of top-quality and cost-effective building materials, we provide the Vaughan area with all kinds of stonework, brick design and masonry services. Our team of qualified professionals includes engineers, technicians, and architects who apply their combined experience to providing the professionalism and adherence to building codes in all our projects no matter how big or small.

We have an impeccable record of commercial, residential and public service in the Southern Ontario region and know what it takes to provide exemplary work. We can also handle all aspects of the project from the initial project planning and budgeting to the actual construction costs as well. We fully understand all the ways to achieve your project goals be they functionality, cost-efficacy or impressive aesthetics.

If you are looking for top-notch design, construction or repair work for masonry or brick structures here in Vaughan, call us up today. We are the right team for all these jobs and provide results with a guaranteed level of excellence.

Building Masonry Walls

We are experts in masonry foundation and masonry wall construction and can work with your commercial or residential property for the best results possible.

We are also industry leaders in all things pertaining to masonry and brickwork and can handle all types of projects from the design and planning to the laying of the last brick and packing up of the last crumb of concrete. Call us up if you are looking for the professional approach.

Masonry is time-honored tradition that dates back to the times of Ancient Egypt, it takes considerable skill and know how to create an edifice and this is not a project that should be entrusted to the contractor with the lowest possible price. Masonry can be a beautiful and sturdy thing of beauty, but it can also be a real headache if left to the inexperienced. If you want results and effective work, get the professionals in.

ALL Masonry Work

We are knowledgeable in All Areas of Masonry Construction & Design

Masonry & Stone Restoration

We are experts in masonry restoration in Toronto and know the work, processes, and techniques required for your masonry and stone project. From building a modern masonry for your home to the restoration of old buildings, we know how to do masonry and stone restoration properly in the GTA as well as across Southern Ontario.

Cleaning of Old Bricks

Using some of the most cutting-edge steam cleaning machinery we offer stone cleaning services that keep your walls from falling afoul of dust. Grime and mildews that can discolor that beautiful stonework. Talk to us about your walls and we will provide you with some impressive solutions to keeping your walls pristine and clean.

Front Façade Restoration

For homes with the classic facade we can restore the stone and repair old masonry work so that it retains its original rustic appeal. The combination of a greatly improved strength along with the renewal of aesthetic appeal is what you want to achieve in restoring these older buildings.

Vaughan Chimney Repair Service

Keeping chimneys in proper function is another service we provide with skill and commitment.

It is essential that Toronto chimneys are kept cleaned, repaired, rebuilt and well-maintained if they are to remain in proper function forever. This includes;

  • Brick Chimney Repair
  • Flashing repairs
  • Tuckpointing
  • Adding caps that keep out animals, birds, and rain

NOTE: Professional inspections can also keep you and your loved ones safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning./strong>

Old Architecture Restorations

If you have specialized monuments or historic buildings falling to disrepair, we restore these buildings all across the Vaughan and Southern Ontario area. We also have the top-of-the-line tools and equipment to handle any type of restoration that involves retaining traditional values and appeal.

Brick and Stone Work Repair

Brick and stone work restoration can restore all of your building’s brick and stone work to its original beauty. We are also very experienced with all types of stone and masonry materials and know how to make them look their best and treat them so they remain so. From your Dutch repairs, stone stitching, crack injections, masonry repairs and masonry repointing we provide excellent service and experienced professionals.

Repointing of Old Bricks

The weather and other elements can cause excessive wear and tear on old masonry work, and a splash of rejuvenation can make the whole building seem new again. Mortar joints are especially susceptible to the attrition of the weather and eventually, they will need some repointing to look their best. Repointing masonry is one of our specialties and we work to restore the look and strength of these stones to their original brilliance.