Masonry Services In Whitchurch-Stouffville

We are masonry, bricklaying and restoration experts.

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Masonry Design, Construction, & Repair Services in Whitchurch-Stouffville

Thanks to our rich experience in stonework, masonry, construction services and brick design, you can trust us to put together the best team to handle your project. Our expert staff includes all specialties and areas of activity, able to cover all areas of your building or renovation project. In addition, our architects and builders are up to date with the latest local building codes, so you don’t have to worry about such issues.

If you need masonry design, construction works or repairs in Stouffville, we can assemble the right team of specialists to handle your project. We guarantee excellence in everything we do, so you can trust us to deliver the kind of results you expect.

We’ve managed to build a good reputation as reliable and experienced masonry experts in Southern Ontario. We know all the nuts and bolts of masonry and stonework, starting with the planning of your project to budgeting and to the final touch. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and our most important mission.

Building Masonry Walls

We are experts in masonry foundation and wall construction. and we accept both residential and commercial projects, our results being truly outstanding.

We are experts in restoration services, masonry and bricklaying. As masonry repair contractors in Toronto, we accept both residential and commercial projects. We can handle all types of works, from small jobs to large scale projects. We work with masonry and stone to provide you the high quality work you expect, whether you only want the renovation of your condo or apartment, or you need building restoration services.

You shouldn’t take the risk of hiring firms that don’t have enough experience and skills to handle your masonry projects. Many builders ignore the proper installation procedures, some of them even using low quality materials, in order to save money. Masonry walls need to be good looking and solid, but they require professional handling and care, in order to fit the building to perfection. By trusting us your masonry project, you can rest assured you’re going to obtain excellent results that will last for a very long time.

ALL Masonry Work

We are knowledgeable in All Areas of Masonry Construction & Design

Masonry & Stone Restoration

As experts in masonry restoration in Stouffville, we are familiar with the work, the techniques and the procedures required for your masonry or stone project. We can build a modern masonry for your home or restore your old building. We provide these services to residents of the GTA and Southern Ontario.

Cleaning of Old Bricks

We use unique hot steam techniques to clean old bricks by removing the layers of carbon debris, dirt and paint. This is important to the longevity of the brick. Contact us today to find out how we can make your old bricks look great as good as new again.

Front Façade Restoration

If you need front façade restoration, we can help you rebuild and restore your wall with adequate re-usage of old-style bricks and masonry elements. You’ll get the look of an aged wall, but the strength and durability of a new one. This is your best option to make the most out of your old building without spoiling its charm.

Whitchurch-Stouffville Chimney Repair Service

Your home safety and the good functioning of your fireplace depend on regular chimney cleaning and maintenance.

We are an insured and licensed Stouffville chimney repair service with many years of experience in this area of activity. This includes;

  • Brick Chimney Repair
  • Flashing around the Chimney
  • Tuckpointing
  • Adding caps to your chimney to keep animals, birds, and rain out

NOTE: We perform professional inspections for detecting blockages, thus helping you prevent carbon monoxide intoxications.

Old Architecture Restorations

If you are located in Stouffville or in South Ontario, contact us for any type of monuments and old buildings restoration to discuss your best options. We can handle such projects with traditional materials and construction methods, in order to preserve the historic heritage of monuments, statues and architecture.

Brick and Stone Work Repair

Brick and stone work repair make your walls regain their original shape. We are experts in working with rocks, stones and masonry, in order to restore their original beauty. We can perform stone stitching and retooling, crack injections, masonry repairs, and repointing works, in order to bring your old masonry and stone back to life.

Repointing of Old Bricks

Masonry and brick work deteriorate with time, due to friction, ageing or bad weather conditions. The time will come when they will need repairs or even a complete makeover. Mortar joints, especially, are prone to wear and tear, therefore needing repointing. We are specialists in repointing old masonry and bricks. We can give your masonry its original look and strength.