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Custom Patio Decks & Deck Building

Our expert deck building services help you choose the right wood, composite, or stone with the optimal design for your property. Adding an outdoor patio deck is a worthwhile and wise investment while presenting you with the opportunity to spend time appreciating the exterior of your property.

Decks and Patios Design for Outdoor Living

Earth Stick & Stone experts have great deck & patio designs that fit your landscaping ideas. You can choose from many different types of wood, brick, stone and accessories for your patio. We work with you to find the right materials, colors and accents to best compliment your existing home.

Our professional patio builders provide all the assistance you need to choose the design theme that you’ve been dreaming of.

We can provide attractive, functional accessories like outdoor kitchenware, furniture seating, themed lighting, plant, and floral arrangement and more.

FAQ: What does it cost to build a deck?

One of the first questions we usually receive is about the cost of building a deck. This varies for all projects and depends on coatings, material selection, railings, size and design. Speak with one of our Patio & Deck Designers today to get a free estimate on your deck design project.

Speak with our Patio & Deck Designers

Speak with our design team today to discuss how to best match your new patio design with your existing home.

Our design team helps you to maximize your outdoor space.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Evaluate of the various elements that need to come together to provide your outdoor space with the right patio and deck design for maximum durability, visual appeal and value.

Quality Patio & Deck Designs

Earth Stick & Stone deck projects are custom designed from start to finish. We work with you to pick the right deck and patio ideas and design the space to give you the most functional and aesthetic outdoor deck or patio that suits your property. Build your luxury deck and patio with confidence! We will guide you through the deck building and design process while presenting the various options available. We are experts in luxury deck design and installation. Whether you are using your patio and deck for entertaining or relaxation, know that our design team uses only the best materials and layout designs. We know that you use your outdoor space differently during the different times of year and in different weather.

Have inspiration from your existing patio furniture and design that you want to bring to your deck planning process? We can work with your ideas and backyard design to match your outdoor deck design to your current landscaping and patio setup. Bring your photos or consult with us on site at your home to help start the planning process the right way.

Want a clean and open low-rise design? What about built-in lighting? Let’s discuss how we can design a luxury deck to meet your specifications, including pergolas, multi-level designs and custom railings.

We provide custom handrails, lighting and step design to meet your vision. From the use of complimentary colors and stains, and unique railings or glass inserts, we know how to meet today’s modern deck design requirements.

Patio &Deck Work

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Earth, Stick & Stone Classic Deck Designs

Are you are looking for a classic backyard or lakeside deck design for your summer weekends? we can provide many inspirational designs to capture the look you are seeking.

Impress your guests with a classic deck design look with iron railings and custom stone accent walls, or with a pergola to provide shade during those summer days. We have a large selection of accent piece ideas to help bring your classic deck design to the next level and know how to blend color combinations and lighting to make your deck shine at any time of day.

Using wood stains and classic wood railings, you can get that timeless look for all of your backyard entertaining this summer.

FAQ: Will my deck rot or wear over time?

Coatings, finishes and treatments all depend on the material selected for your deck construction. Each material comes with different lifespans and treatment options. This is why expert knowledge is required when designing and installing your backyard deck.

FAQ: What is ‘IPE' wood?

Known also as Brazilian Walnut, ipe wood is from South America and is three times more dense than cedar. Naturally durable, resistant to rotting and weather, ipe wood is a fantastic material for your outdoor deck.

Professional Patio and Deck Installation

In order to save time, money and frustration, speak with our professional landscape design team to get accurate estimates of the work that will be involved in executing your vision. Our landscape architects know that your project deserves to be planned correctly from the start. With numerous outdoor designs available to browse, we are well equipped to demonstrate what we can do for you and your landscaping plans in Toronto.

We are experts in the following areas of quality patio and deck design:
  • Patio & Deck Design Plans
  • Luxury Patio and Deck Construction
  • Composite Decks
  • Weather-treated Decks & Wood Selection
  • Patio Stone Selection & Installation
  • Interlock Patio Stones
Professional Patio and Deck Installers

Our patio and deck builders are experienced craftsmen who know how to install a durable, safe and beautiful product based on a custom design. The experts at Earth, Stick & Stone know that each phase of the patio and deck process – from design to installation to finishing – is crucial to the overall quality of the product and the satisfaction of the customer.

Patio &Deck Work


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Build a Deck with the Right Wood

You can keep your custom deck looking great for years when you build a deck with the right wood. Wood decks are beautiful and natural looking but require the right planning and treatment options in order to preserve them for years to come.

The experts at Earth, Stick & Stone know the ins and outs of wood deck treatments and know how to build a deck with the right wood treatment in mind.

Whether you are choosing pine, tropical hardwood, redwood, cedar or other types of wood, know that weather, sunlight and even insects can damage your wood deck and fade its natural color if it is not treated properly.

Quality Wood Deck Designs

Choose from our extensive selection of wood deck building plans and specifications. We cover all of the various wood deck construction details in our planning process: from stains to materials, accents to dimensions, and all that’s in-between. We know the best wood deck coatings, the best materials for all-weather durability, and we know how to fit the style of your existing home with our deck design.

If you are looking for a large deck to overlook your backyard in the summer, a wraparound deck that is custom built to your home, a luxury deck with your own custom design, or a low maintenance simple wood deck with skirting, we’ve got you covered.

Let us guide you through the different options for deck protection, from sealers, stains and coatings, to help you make an informed decision.

FAQ: Can I fit a wood deck in my backyard?

Measurements are an important part of backyard deck design. Meeting local code and regulations is the first step to designing your custom deck. Speak with our experts today to see what kind of deck is perfect for your home’s design.

FAQ: Is it possible to have a wood deck with pergola?

Wood decks with pergola are a rising trend in deck design today and Earth, Stick & Stone know how to properly design and install wood decks with pergolas so that you can have the very best in shade and comfort this summer.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: While wood supports your deck structurally, it requires support as well through proper treatment against the weather. Rain, snow and hail can cause damage to your wood deck if it is unprotected.

Building Deck Stairs

From safety to direction to height, deck stairs require expert planning and design. Earth, Stick & Stone are knowledgeable in all building code and height requirements for your outdoor deck installation in Toronto and the GTA. We know how to build your deck stairs from scratch to meet all codes and regulations. Before you start, know that any company that is trying to use pre-built stairs is likely going to run into problems with your deck as they will not meet the requirements of the existing code.

Landing Pads & Step Height

Landing pads can be made of concrete, gravel or paved areas as well. The rise of the deck steps is the height of the vertical steps, while the run of the deck is the width of horizontal step itself. Each of these must be custom measured for your particular deck height and landscape.

Hand Railing

Match your railings to your decking material for a uniform look, and choose the right coatings and material while speaking to our deck design team for a custom look. Keep in mind that safety & code are essential elements to discuss when planning your outdoor patio deck design.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: While not the focal point of your deck’s visual appeal, building deck stairs is an important design and installation step that requires careful planning. Whether you are building a custom wood deck, a luxury deck or just looking for patio deck ideas, always consider the placement and style of your deck stairs.

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