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Cedar Deck Contractors

Cedar Deck installation is a very popular choice when designing your outdoor space. Our expert cedar deck installation contractors know the ins and outs of cedar and how to properly install, support and perform cedar deck maintenance on this natural material for the best results.

Don’t let just anyone install your cedar deck. With so many variants of cedar available, so many cedar deck stain options, and so many factors that go into maintaining it properly, trust only the experts at Earth, Stick & Stone with your investment for a beautiful and durable outdoor deck.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Cedar is a rich and natural looking wood selection to base your deck design around and will reward your outdoor space for many years to come if properly cared for.

Custom Cedar Decking

If you are looking for custom cedar decking, we know how to start the deck design process the right way. Each outdoor deck is unique, and it all starts with choosing the right material. If you know that cedar is the right choice for your outdoor space, then we can guide you through the next steps to achieving your perfect backyard deck.

Cedar decking is a popular choice for many reasons:

  • Durability
  • Warmth
  • Cool in the summer heat

FAQ: Do cedar decks rot over time?

Cedar is naturally resistant to weather, warping from moisture and rot from insect damage. With proper treatment, your cedar deck will last for years.

Ceder Deck Building

Did you Know That it Will Also Change in Natural Color With Exposure to Weather?

Talk to us today about the ins and outs of cedar decking, including cedar decking prices. From design to protection to installation, we know how to do cedar decks right so that you can enjoy your backyard space in comfort this summer. Outdoor decks and cedar decks are exciting and worthy additions to your exterior space. Let Earth, Stick & Stone help you to maximize your value and comfort this summer with the addition of a cedar deck.

Quality Cedar Deck Designs

Choosing from our quality cedar deck designs helps start your decking process the right way. Whether you are choosing red cedar decking or have your own cedar deck plans, we are here to help. We have experience with all of the design and installation challenges that can pop up when planning a cedar decking project.

FAQ: Why choose a cedar deck?

With its natural resistance to weather damage, availability in a wide variety of natural looks and ability to accept protective stains for durability, cedar is an obvious choice for your decking material.

FAQ: What types of cedar are there for my deck?

Western red cedar is the most widely available, inland red cedar is less expensive, port or ford cedar is durable but more rare, eastern white cedar is less common and is lightweight.

DESIGN TIP: Fitting a cedar deck to your homes current design and style is an important part of the process. Speak with our designers to learn how to match your current landscaping and exterior to your cedar deck ideas.

Cedar Deck Maintenance

Cedar deck boards require proper maintenance and care to stay durable and beautiful for many years. All decks require some form of maintenance so it is important to speak with professionals about how to care for your investment.

Cedar decks accepts stain very well due to the fact they have less natural oil and are less dense. This makes protecting your deck easy if you follow the proper steps and guidelines for stain application and care.

FAQ: What is the best stain for a new cedar deck?

Penetrating finishes are ideal as they work well with cedar’s absorption properties. Semi-transparent stains are great as they penetrate cedar and also provide some color and long lasting durability to the cedar boards.

FAQ: What is the best way to re-stain my cedar deck?

Look to re-stain your cedar deck when the color starts to fade. Re-staining should penetrate the wood, but make sure to clean the deck properly first. Be careful with pressure washers as they can strip the cedar. Don’t re-stain your deck if rain is in the forecast!

In fact, the combination of beauty and clear maintenance requirements are just some of the reasons that many customers come to us at Earth, Stick & Stone with cedar deck ideas for their backyard oasis. Whether you have your own design or want to choose from the many we have, know that cedar is a great choice when looking for a durable deck material that keeps its beauty and durability when cared for with the proper maintenance steps.