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When choosing a composite deck for your outdoor space, always look for the experts in composite decking in Toronto: Earth, Stick & Stone. We are composite wood decking contractors known for our professional installation and service.

We provide composite decking materials from only the best manufacturers in the industry. With lifetime or fade and stain warranties, we stand behind the products we use to provide your outdoor space with the most durable and low-maintenance materials available.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Properly installing industry leading composite decking provides you with peace of mind and a strong warranty for years to come.

Composite Decks

For the best composite decking, know that there are many manufacturers available and different materials. These low maintenance decks are made from composite deck boards that come in a variety of colors that never require stains or sealants. This makes them an attractive option for your outdoor space.

Modern composite decks are;

  • Durable
  • Resistant to fading
  • Resistant to mold
  • Very Low Maintenance

Looking for a Composite Deck?

Ask the Experts

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Top manufacturers offer a variety of solid warranties depending on the supplier. Let the experts guide you through the details of composite deck warranties and which companies are the best for you.

If you are Looking for the Best Composite Decking, Earth, Stick & Stone has you Covered

If you are looking to build a long-lasting, durable and beautiful deck with materials that come with the best composite decking ratings, then Earth, Stick & Stone can guide you through the composite deck design process using only materials from best in class manufacturers.

With lifetime and fade and stain warranties, our providers will ensure your deck remains low-maintenance and long lasting so you can enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of staining, sanding or finishing every couple of years.

We are experts in the following aspects of composite decks:

  • Composite deck manufacturer selection
  • Styles and colors of composite decks
  • Composite deck installation
  • Composite deck maintenance
  • Composite deck design and style
FAQ: Who will win in the IPE VS Composite Decking supremacy battle?

Both of these materials are great choices for your decking material, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Making your choice depends on your particular property, budget and maintenance expectations.

What is waterproof composite decking?

Today’s composite decking is the most advanced it has ever been. With a protective layer of material installed during the manufacturing process, today’s composite decking comes with warranty against rot, wear and mold if properly cared for and purchased from one of the best-in-class manufacturers.

Some of the best-in-class suppliers you can choose from when working with Earth, Stick & Stone:

We provide composite deck tiles, composite deck wood, composite flooring for decks and all of the materials required for your outdoor deck project. We work with only the best composite decking materials.


As an innovative building materials leader, AZEK composite decking has Alloy Armour Technology for protection against the elements & a 30-year limited Fade and Stain warranty.


Manufacturing composite decking products since 1997, Fiberon decking is made in the USA and comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, all with a 25-year Fade and Stain warranty.


With an industry-leading lifetime warranty, MoistureShield products are environmentally friendly and made from 95% recycled materials for the ultimate eco-customer.


Made in the USA, TimberTech composite decking products come with a 30-year Fade and Stain Warranty that is one of the best for the industry.


The original when it comes to composite decking, Trex has supplied low-maintenance and durable decking products for your backyard since 1996.

WOLF Home Products

With a variety of collections to choose from, WOLF Decking provides durable decking solutions in a variety of colors at an attractive price.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: With a variety of warranties for each manufacturer of composite decks, it is important to ask the experts about how to properly care for your composite deck without damaging or voiding the warranty.

Composite Deck Maintenance

Composite decks are amazing products that require little maintenance and are far easier to maintain than natural wood decking products. With that being said, know that composite decks still do require some maintenance and cleaning in order to keep them looking their best.

  • Use only soft bristles when cleaning your deck surfaces of dirt and debris, and add some mild soap with warm water for best results.
  • Be careful with pressure washers as they can damage the surface of your composite decking and void the warranty if they are too strong.
  • If you have ice and snow, use only a plastic shovel for removal as scraping the surface of your composite decking with a metal shovel can damage the material.
  • If you have accidental spills of oil, grease or food, be sure to remove the substance as soon as possible with warm, soapy water and a soft bristle. Leaving stains untreated for several days can cause permanent staining and can even void your warranty if left too long without treatment.

Styles and Colors of Composite Decks

Our manufacturers provide a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. From dark greys to birch hues to natural wood colors, composite decking comes in all of the colors you would want for your outdoor deck project.

In terms of style, choose from modern, minimalistic or natural-wood styles. Many of our manufacturers have style guides, color selectors and catalogues where you can begin your composite deck design process. Speak to our design experts at Earth, Stick & Stone to help start your deck design process with composite decking.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Matching your composite deck design to your current landscaping and home exterior is an important step to achieving satisfaction with your composite decking.

Are Composite Decks Waterproof?

Composite decking has evolved over the years to reduce issues with durability. Today’s composite decking material is far more long-lasting and water resistant than that which was found only a few years ago.

Capped with an additional protective layer of sealant material, today’s composite decking repels water and resists mold. When choosing a composite decking material, be sure to choose from our trusted manufacturers to receive only the best product that will resist water for years to come.

FAQ: What are the common composite decking problems?

While composite decking is a low maintenance material, it still requires some care. Use only mild soap and warm water to remove stains and clean dirt. If you are using a pressure washer, make sure it is on a low setting. Finally, make sure to purchase your materials from a reputable manufacturer.

FAQ: Wondering how to install composite decking like the Pros?

Talk to the professionals at Earth, Stick & Stone to learn how to do a proper installation and how to maintain your warranty by having a certified installation.

Talk to our expert installers today to learn more about which types of composite decking are best for your property and how today’s composite material comes with a solid warranty and protection against the elements. Don’t leave this important decision to just anyone. Contact Earth, Stick & Stone today to get started on your composite decking plan.