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Custom Patio & Deck Building In Etobicoke

We offer custom outdoor deck and patio deck building for Etobicoke. Select from various material choices for your new deck design, including composite and wood. We are the leading expert deck building service that you need and want for custom patio decks in Etobicoke and all over Southern Ontario.

Patios and Decks

Rely on Earth, Stick & Stone to bring your outdoor space completely to life with our broad selection of patio and deck designs. When it comes to custom landscaping and interlock, backyard lighting and furniture seating in Etobicoke and all across Southern Ontario, our design team has you completely covered.

Our expert patio builders are knowledgeable and skilled in how to match your preferred landscaping design with your deck and patio. Balancing visual appeal with functional aspects, we have the knowledge to design and install the best look for your backyard patios and decks so that you enjoy yourself all summer long.

Etobicoke Composite Decks

For a maintenance free and modern backyard deck, select composite. The material is available in a broad range of colours, from natural looking to modern, and is very low maintenance. It is necessary to sand, seal or stain. The only thing required by a composite deck is to wash it with some water and soap.

We are experts for composite decks in Etobicoke, from design all the way through installation. Speak to us today about the various manufacturers we offer and the different best in-class warranties that are provided. Earth, Stick & Stone can guide you through the entire composite deck design process with all of our expertise and knowledge.

ALL Patio & Deck Work

Use the Right Wood for Your Deck

Selecting the right wood for your Etobicoke deck requires you to consider some different factors, including personal taste, budget, maintenance and weather. Wood decks provide an outdoors and natural warmth feeling to any backyard. Get in touch with Earth, Stick & Stone today to discuss how we can build a deck for you using the right wood.

Keep in mind that wood required maintenance like sealing, sanding and staining. We can walk you through all of the steps that are need to make sure your wood deck continues to look beautiful for many years to come. With the varied weather across both Etobicoke and Southern Ontario, it pays to select a company that has expertise with deck maintenance and design to protect your investment and ensure that your outdoor area stays beautiful in every season of the year.

Etobicoke Custom Cedar Decking

Cedar provides an incredibly natural and beautiful material for decks. If you are searching for a custom cedar deck in the Etobicoke area, Earth, Stick & Stone has you completely covered. Speak to us today about the various kinds of cedar there are to choose from as well as the natural resistance that cedar has to rot. We will have our design team assist you with selecting the right cedar to use in your backyard area and to create a custom cedar deck design for you. We can also provide guidance on the proper maintenance steps to take to preserve the natural beauty that cedar provides.

Quality Wood Deck Designs

Proper deck design is where every quality deck project starts. Speak with us here at Earth, Stick & Stone about quality wood deck designs so that we can get started on your backyard plan right away. From building code requirements to stair placement, we know all of the ins and outs when it comes to deck design for Etobicoke as well as all across Southern Ontario. We can also provide you with guidance on the care and maintenance of your wood deck so that you can be well informed on everything that needs to be done so that your deck looks great all year long.

Professional Deck & Patio Installation

Your backyard space is important to you, so don’t trust the job to just anyone. For professional deck and patio installation in Etobicoke as well as the GTA, hire Earth, Stick & Stone. We have a team of experienced craftsmen ready to make your dream custom patio and deck design into a reality. With all of the various factors that are involved, from structural concerns, colour matching, finishing, material code, measurements and building code issues, we will make sure that all of the details are covered so that your project gets completely correctly.

Luxury Patios and Decks Etobicoke

Experience high quality by having Earth, Stick & Stone manage your luxury patio and deck project in Etobicoke. Whether you want to explore custom accent pieces, built-in lighting, custom interlock patios or multi-level decks, our professional installers and design team can turn your luxury patio and deck vision dream into reality. To give your deck a modern look, explore our various tempered glass inserts, or custom stonework for your patio walkway. We have various options for you to take your patio and decks designs to a whole new level of luxury.

Classic Deck Designs

If you are looking for more of a classic backyard feeling, our design team will use strategic entertainment and lighting options, along with the warmth that natural wood provides, to breathe new life into your classic deck design. For entertaining guests and summer barbecues, we will use our design elements to perfectly capture the classic deck experience you are looking for. Discuss wood pergolas with us and how they can be incorporated into your design for Etobicoke or anywhere around Southern Ontario. We here at Earth, Stick & Stone, know what goes into making a truly classic deck design.