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Gazebo & Sheds

A gazebo provides shade, shelter and aesthetics to your home’s landscape. It also serves as place to rest, party or have friends over. Earth Stick & Stone builds gazebos for both residential homes and public parks – large enough to serve as shelter from the rain, sun and or as a bandstand.

We guarantee dependable trouble-free results, on time and on budget. Our free in-house estimating and gazebo construction experts are always at your service to ensure your needs are met.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Gazebos can be accessorized with screens to prevent flying insects from entering.  Temporary tent-style gazebo structures can be built with poles covered by tensioned fabric for campsites and at music festivals.

Expert Gazebo Design & Build

We design and build pavilion structure gazebos for all needs. Our octagon or turret-shaped gazebos can be built in a park, garden, or any open space public area. Our gazebo building expertise include:

  • pavilions
  • kiosks
  • alhambras
  • belvederes
  • follies
  • pergolas
  • rotundas

Gazebo Design & Build

PROFESSIONAL TIP: We recommend blending your shed’s appearance with the design and color of your primary structure, and are ready and able to help with a variety of techniques to accomplish this.

Custom Sheds

Shards are an increasingly popular landscape amenity, mainly due to their practicality and affordability. A shed can provide needed space for storing lawn, garden, and patio furniture when not in use. It can also provide a convenient, sheltered workspace, when needed.

There are many varieties and options available. Earth Stick and Stone can assist with the construction of both prebuilt and custom built sheds. Our design experts will update you on zoning and other regulations that may apply in your neighborhood so that you can choose both a design and size that fits your needs, budget and building guidelines.

If possible, consider constructing a loft space in your shed for extra storage space for less frequently used items.