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Custom Patio Decks & Deck Building in the Mississauga Area

We offer custom outdoor deck building and patio decks in Mississauga. There are a variety of material options for you to choose from to design your deck, these include wood and composite. We are the experts in deck building services that you want for custom decks; we have customers in the GTA and all across Southern Ontario.

Decks and Patios

Place your trust in Earth, Stick and Stone to bring your outdoor space to life with a wide selection of deck and patio designs. When it comes to landscaping, backyard lighting, furniture seating and custom interlock in Mississauga and all across Southern Ontario, our design team has you covered.

Our expert patio builders are experienced in precisely matching your landscaping design to your deck and patio. We balance visual appeal with functional aspects and know how to design, but also how to install the perfect look for you backyard patios and decks this summer.

Mississauga Composite Decks

For a backyard deck that is modern and maintenance free, opt for composite. There are a wide variety of colours to choose from with this material, from natural looking to modern, and it requires hardly any maintenance. There is no need for sanding, sealants, or stains. The only thing that a composite deck requires is washing with soap and water.

From design to installation, we are the experts in Mississauga composite decks. Call us today to discuss the various manufacturers we provide as well as the variety of best-in-class warranties that we offer. At Earth, Stick and Stone, we will walk you through the process of deck design with knowledge and expertise.

ALL Patio & Deck Work

Build a Deck Using the Right Wood

In Mississauga, choosing the right kind of wood for your deck requires taking a variety of factors in consideration, for example, personal taste, budget, maintenance and weather. A natural warmth and outdoorsy feel are brought to any backyard with wood decks. Get in touch with us at Earth, Stick and Stone today to discuss how we can help you use the right wood to build a deck.

Remember that maintenance such as sanding, staining and sealing is required for wood. We can walk you through the required steps to keep your wood looking amazing for many years to come. With the varied weather in Mississauga and Southern Ontario areas, it pays off to choose a company with experts in deck design and maintenance, this way your outdoor space stays beautiful all year long and your investment are protected.

Custom Cedar Decking Mississauga

Cedar is a natural deck material that looks quite beautiful. If you are searching for custom cedar decking in the Mississauga area, we at Earth, Stick and Stone have you covered. Get in touch today, and we can discuss the ample variety of cedar types that are available as well as the natural resistance that cedar has to rot. Our design team can help you choose the perfect cedar for your backyard space as well as for your custom cedar deck design. We will also walk you through the best maintenance steps to help preserve the natural beauty of cedar.

Quality Wood Deck Designs

You cannot start a deck project without first properly design the deck. If you are interested in quality wood deck designs, get in touch with us at Earth, Stick and Stone, and we will immediately get started on your backyard plan. From building code requirements to the placement of stairs, the ins and outs of wood deck design in the Mississauga area and across Southern Ontario is something that we know. We will also help to show you the proper way to maintain and care for your wood deck so that you are well aware of all that is required to keep your deck looking amazing.

Professional Patio & Deck Installation

Your backyard space should not be entrusted to just anyone. For all your professional patio and deck design in the Mississauga and GTA area, opt for Earth, Stick and Stone. We have experienced team of craftsmen who are knowledgeable on how to take the custom deck and patio design you have dreamed of and make it a reality. There are so many variables involved, such as building code, material choice, measurements, structural concerns, colour matching, finishing, and maintenance, rest assured that all of those details will be covered so that your project is properly completed.

Luxury Decks and Patios Mississauga

If what you want is a high-end experience, Earth, Stick and Stone can manage your Mississauga luxury decks and patios project with ease. Whether what you’re looking for is to explore custom interlock patios, custom accent pieces, multi-level decks or built-in lighting, our professional team of designers and installers can bring your luxury deck and patio vision a reality. For a modern look to your deck, explore our tempered glass inserts, or for patio walkways, look over our custom stonework options. We can show you a wide variety of options so that your deck and patio design can be taken to the next level.

Classic Deck Designs

For a backyard feel that is more classic, our design team can bring to life your classic deck design plans with the use of strategic lighting, the warmth of natural wood, and entertainment options. For entertaining guests and enjoying summer barbecues, we know exactly how to capture that one of a kind deck experience with the use of our design elements. We can discuss wood pergolas and how we can incorporate them into your Mississauga and across Southern Ontario design. We at Earth, Stick and Stone know what truly makes a deck a classic design and how to bring that look to your backyard this summer.