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Pergolas (PER’-guh-luh-z) are elegant landscape design features with several varied purposes. As an arbor, they provide a latticed overhead structure that supports plant and vine growth. They can also provide shelter and privacy as overhead protection for a walkway or any backyard or garden space.

First used in ancient Egypt for ruling class residences, variations now range from simple curved or rectangular overhead entrance ways all the way to large structures with ornate masonry columns supporting a massive solid roof structures.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: A retractable pergola canopy is a newer feature, offering protection from sun and rain. Add curtains, lighting, and heater to convert your backyard space into a comfortable outdoor “room”.

Designing the Perfect Element for your Backyard

Let Earth Stick & Stone help to develop your classic pergola plan or modern pergola ideas to revolutionize your recreational backyard space. Whether you prefer an attached deck pergola, a wooden pergola with roof, or other custom design, our Pergola specialists will assist in your backyard transformation.

Other design options may include:

  • a pergola dining area
  • a fixed or retractable pergola canopy
  • a hexagonal or octagonal pergola
  • round pergola designs

Custom Pergola Design & Build

With so many pergola designs to choose from, you may be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to transform your outdoor and to please and delight family and friends.