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Stone Patio

Stone Patios have timeless appeal, providing both beautiful design options and permanence. Natural stone patio designs are just one of many intriguing possibilities for enhancing your patio space.

You will want to consider such factors as weather exposure, maintenance requirements, affordability and personal preference when choosing materials to express your stone patio ideas. Where the landscape permits, the addition of patio stone steps offers another attractive design alternative.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Shape is another element that influences stone patio ideas. Fluid, curved patios with inlaid patterns can provide a distinctive alternative to a rectangular design.

Types of Patio Stone

Many different options are available for constructing stone patios. Natural stone, including flagstone, bluestone, limestone, and slate stone patios, is still considered the ultimate choice, but paver stone patio installation, which can be performed in a variety of shapes and colors are also a respectable.

Brick provides a warm, natural ambience, but is subject to cracking in cold wet climates. Finally, concrete is the economical option and can be made much more attractive when aggregate, glass, coloring and stamping are added to provide a rich texture.

Stone Patio’s