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Custom Patio Decks and Building Services in Vaughan

We have expert custom patio deck and deck building services in Vaughan. You can choose from a wide variety of materials for your deck, whether you want wood or composite. We are one of the best custom patio, deck and deck building services in the GTA and southern Ontario area.

Decks and Patios

To bring your outdoor area to life, you can trust us for the widest selection of deck and patio designs. Our team has got you covered when it comes to furniture, backyard lighting, landscaping, and custom interlock.

Our patio builders know just how to handle matching landscape designs to patio and deck designs in Vaughan and Southern Ontario. We balance functional aspects with visual appeal. We understand how to install the proper look for your backyard wherever you want it in your patio or deck this summer season.

Composite Decks Vaughan

Composite decks offer a maintenance-free, modern looking backyard deck. Composite is a material that comes in many colours from natural to modern, and it is always extremely easy to care for. You never need to stain it or add sealants or sand it. The only thing you need to do is wash your composite deck with soap and water.

In Vaughan, we are the experts when it comes to composite decks from the design and concept of it to its installation. Speak with us today about the materials we offer from different top manufacturers. All of our products, with superior warranties. We will guide you through the composite design process with tremendous knowledge about all details of all different kinds of tax.

ALL Patio & Deck Work

Choosing the Right Wood for Your Deck

When you are picking wood for your deck in Vaughan, you have to consider many different factors. Think about the weather, your budget, the maintenance required for the deck and of course, your taste. Wood decks offer warmth and an outdoor feel to any backyard. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you build your dream deck with the right wood.

Wood decks do require maintenance. This includes staining, adding sealant, and sanding your deck periodically. We will guide you through all the steps that are necessary to keep your wood deck in good shape and looking beautiful for many years.

In Vaughan and Southern Ontario area, we get a variety of weather. This is why it pays to choose us to handle your deck design and its maintenance. We will make sure that your investment is protected and that your deck space looks beautiful all year long no matter what the weather holds.

Custom Built Cedar Decks Vaughan

Cedar is one of the most beautiful and natural wood materials for decks. If you are thinking of getting a custom cedar deck in Vaughan, we have you covered. Speak with us today, and you can find out about all types of cedar that we are available for you. Cedar has a natural resistance to rotting, making it an ideal outdoor deck. Our design team will help you pick the right one for your backyard and your custom cedar design. We will also make sure to guide you through all the maintenance steps for keeping your cedar deck as beautiful as possible.

Quality Wood Deck Designs

No deck project can be started without a proper deck design. For quality wood deck designs, talk to us at Earth, Stick & Stone to get your backyard plan started the right way. From the placement of stairs to building code requirements, we know the ins and outs of wood deck design in Vaughan and across Southern Ontario. We also provide guidance on maintenance and care of your wood deck so that you are well informed on all that must be done to keep your deck looking great.

Expert Patio & Deck Builders

You will not want to trust your backyard deck to anyone but the professional patio and deck installers in Vaughan and the GTA. We have a team of experienced craftsman who can take care of your custom designs for decks and patios and turn them into reality. We know there are many variables involved in designing your deck. We also have to take into consideration the maintenance, building codes, measurements, finishes and materials. When helping you create your custom deck you can trust us.

Luxury Decks and Patios Vaughan

In Vaughan, we offer high-end designs for luxury decks, and patios create we can help you design multi level decks as well as custom interlocking patios. We can make these with built-in lighting and custom accent pieces. Our design team and our expert installation technicians will make your deck and patio vision come to life with true luxury. We offer tempered glass inserts to make your deck look completely modern.

Classic Deck Designs

If you are looking for something more traditional, our design team can bring your classic deck to life with the warmth of wood, lighting, and even entertainment options. We can capture a classic deck look, which will be perfect for your summer barbecues and entertaining guests. Talk to us about the wood from all other options we have, and how those can be incorporated into your deck design all throughout Vaughan and southern Ontario.